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Universal Genetics

Tracking, reporting, and automation

Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics is a company primarily focused on U.S. Immigration DNA Testing that has been in operation for over 10 years and is composed of three, fully independent and functional laboratories with multiple accreditations that operate in three different states (California, New York, Florida). Universal Genetics team includes some of the nations’ most reputable and experienced DNA scientists.
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Company Size

40 people

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NetHunt users

8 people

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Customer since

February, 2017

The challenge

”Back in 2012, when there were fewer people in our company, we used a system from Cisco, mostly for a database and as a two way communication tool. Later, we opened a few more offices and started hiring more people to work in multiple locations — that’s when things became difficult. We use Gmail, and a lot of our work comes from communication. We needed to track the team’s activity and employ the system that would store all this information.

Fist, we worked with another Gmail CRM solution up until it became too expensive. And before that, we used a labeling system in Gmail.”

The main processes built up

”I use integration with Zapier a lot, and just recently added a new zap that allows us to type @user name in the comment section, and it shoots an email notification to the person you mention with the link to this record in NetHunt CRM.

Sometimes, we have large cases with up to 10 people involved. I need to write emails to the US embassy and copy/paste all the data related related to this case. If done manually, it takes a while. Therefore I parse all the information from one of our documents and take it to the record in NetHunt where I created a multiline text field to bring this data in.

I also created another zap — checkboxes. When I tick them, an email is sent along with a text message from the record to a client. For example, an important information before client appointment.

In terms of reporting, I love the card view in NetHunt and I’ve set up quite a few views that I use daily. For example, I track potential cases that we work on and the ones that are already in progress. I can also see the number of emails each manager handles and track their productivity.

Also, once in a while, someone fails to respond to a client email, and what helps me is that I flag all the emails and then see them linked to records. This way, I can check if a specific email from a client is responded to, and make sure it does if for some reason it has been missed.”

When we found NetHunt CRM, I read about the system and decided to give it a try. By now, every single one of us is used to the system. I can control all of my contacts through NetHunt, see all the history of communication and related data. It is perfect
Franco Gambini

Franco Gambini

Director of Operations

Universal Genetics’s favourite things about NetHunt

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