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NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool that helps you manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals.

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Organize your data

NetHunt automatically structures and streamlines business data effectively and productively.

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An online customer relationship management tool

We built NetHunt CRM to help organize and work with your customer base as efficiently as possible:

  • no more adding new contacts manually;
  • no more cleaning up duplicate contacts;
  • no more worrying about data leaks;
  • no more reminding your team to fill in all the CRM details.

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A lead management tool for sales and marketing

NetHunt automates lead generation processes and helps act on new opportunities fast. With our integration and automation features, sales teams find, organize, nurture and move their leads down the pipeline and eventually towards a purchase

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Pipeline management
for sales teams

NetHunt keeps your deals organized, gives you control over your sales process, and provides insights into what works and what doesn't. Here’s what you can get out of a pipeline in NetHunt CRM: track sales progress, forecast revenue, create and monitor multiple pipelines, automate sales processes.

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Sales and business reports

NetHunt CRM keeps track of all the sales activity within your company and translates it into key metrics for your business. Instantly identify which parts of your sales process are working and which ones are not with the sales reports like Sales forecast, Lost reason report, Lead source report, Sales pipeline report, etc.

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Grow your sales with

Get rid of manual, routine tasks. Give your sales team a chance to shine.

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Automate sales routine

NetHunt takes the hard work out of working hard, giving your business the time and money it needs.


Lead Сapture

Capture leads effortlessly.

NetHunt CRM connects to a number of tools to make lead capturing easier for you: LinkedIn, Web Forms, Facebook, Gmail, Google Contacts, etc.

Add new leads automatically or with a click of a button, scrape lead data and pop it immediately into your CRM system, ready for nurturing


Lead Nurture

No lead falls through the cracks.

NetHunt CRM features automatic email sequences to engage prospects, leads, and customers. Fire out thousands of personalized emails at the perfect, chosen time... without lifting a finger.

Analyze campaign results by reviewing views, clicks, replies and unsubscribes; and make necessary adjustments for maximum effectiveness.


Data Entry

Data entry?
Forget about it.

Synchronize Google Contacts with NetHunt CRM automatically and at regular intervals. Get started quickly and import contacts from that messy spreadsheet you’ve been using.

Create contacts at the click of a button from inbound emails; do the same from social media platforms like LinkedIn with intelligent, native NetHunt CRM integrations.


Sales Processes

Take the hard work out of working hard.

NetHunt uses algorithms to do your work for you. Our Workflows feature moves leads along sales pipelines depending on their behaviour or actions, such as when they reply to an email.

Workflows can also automatically create a set of tasks for your Sales Manager, assign an incoming lead, update CRM contacts, and much more!

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Centralize communication
of multiple channels

Acquire and communicate with customers through multiple channels and centralize all the communication in a single CRM system for data completeness. Pull the data from every channel to NetHunt CRM automatically.


Tie customer emails
to CRM records

Being natively integrated with Gmail, NetHunt CRM allows you to connect every email correspondence with the contact record, send personalised email campaigns in bulk, and analyse the performance of every campaign and email template.


Social Media

Generate and talk to
leads on social media

Social media is a great source for lead generation and communication with customers. Due to tight integration with LinkedIn, you can unlock a fruitful channel of high-quality leads and add them to NetHunt CRM in a few clicks.



Give your prospects a call

Our integration with multiple telephony systems allows sales teams to make and receive calls, log calls, listen to recordings to adjust sales strategy, and control your team's performance. Build more effective communication and improve customer service.



Keep the history of
message exchange

Get on top of your messenger-based selling, adding another lead generation channel to your stack. Connect conversations with customers through messengers like Facebook or Telegram to related customer records and offer a better conversational experience.


Live chats

Create new sales
opportunities from chats

Don’t miss a chance to start a conversation with a potential customer who just landed on your website. Turn those chats into sales pipeline opportunities and store every piece of communication under the customer record.

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What customers are saying about us

Read Customer Stories

Jérôme Hérard photo

Jérôme Hérard

Founding Partner at ViaDirect

quotes icon

We have been using NetHunt for more than 2 years and now I can say for sure that we need it and only NetHunt, nothing else. I do not want another window on my computer, I want it to be linked with my Gmail and it is perfect and simple.

Eran Gal photo

Eran Gal

CEO and Co-Founder at Xorcom

quotes icon

Extremely easy to set-up and get going, no complicated training, and supremely flexible. Our Gmail inbox is now so much more than just an inbox, it is a collaborative space where information can be shared by and with anybody who might need it. Full customization gives us total control and the NetHunt team has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jase Clamp photo

Jase Clamp

Co-ordinator at ProductTank

quotes icon

The top three most amazing things about NetHunt, flexible, native in gmail, the customer support is incredible.

Chris Lewis photo

Chris Lewis

President at Massive Property Group
of All First Realty

quotes icon

It turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Jonty Fernandez photo

Jonty Fernandez

Director - Coaching and Development
at Toiora NZ

quotes icon

If your business is knowing a lot about people, this is the system for you.

Oliver Keplinger photo

Oliver Keplinger

Managing Director at KEP Consult

quotes icon

NetHunt is for me the only possible CRM which you can choose if you use GSuite / GMail, because it’s the only one which is really fully integrated and works.

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