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In terms of full Gmail integration, NetHunt CRM comes closest.

NetHunt combines the CRM functionality with a Gmail inbox.

It actually makes mass mailing from Gmail possible and a viable alternative to some specialized services.

The true value of NetHunt CRM lies in its simplicity and tight integration with the Google Apps ecosystem.

Most CRMs are complex and they take time to set up and learn, but NetHunt is different.

Why It's Awesome

Probably nobody has taught you how to use GmalGmail. Because you don't need lengthy trainings to use it effectively. We've designed NetHunt as a Gmail CRM with the same principle in mind to make your business management intuitive and as simple as possible.

A Simple CRM

A Google Apps CRM should not be complicated. It's as easy as a click to create Records and update your business data. See the context of your business deals from anywhere in GmalGmail.

Live Collaboration

All team members receive live updates on the business information shared with them. NetHunt CRM instantly displays all the changes inside the Records.

Private & Secure

Your business data and correspondence belong to you and stay private. Keep a full control over the information shared with your teammates.

In The Cloud

NetHunt CRM is available 24/7 from any corner of the world. Run your business from desktop or mobile whenever you need a Google CRM.

A Flexible Solution

Have you ever tried creating and editing labels in GmalGmail? In the same fashion, you can create and structurize Records to be relevant for your business.

No Commitment Trial

Kick-start your business! The earlier you implement a CRM for small business, the better. NetHunt will help you to lift-off with a 14 days free trial period.

Who It's For

NetHunt CRM is an affordable small business CRM for any company that's using Gmail and Google Apps. If you want to structurize your business data and turn it into knowledge, you should consider NetHunt CRM as a simple way to do so.

Flexible Packaging

NetHunt CRM has a wide variety of powerful features. Different areas of business might require different functionality to simplify the internal business procedures. Our service team will gladly assist you if you need help with deciding on a packaging.

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NetHunt CRM for mobile

The world is mobile nowadays. The CRM software for small business should be the same. You can manage your entrepreneur activities equally efficiently from an office and on the go with mobile app.

Download NetHunt app for a smartphone or tablet and get a full-featured mobile CRM in your pocket. Manage emails, close deals, and collaborate with your team on the go!

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NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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