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Seamless Transition: How to switch from Pipedrive to NetHunt CRM

All you need to know for a hassle-free move to a more flexible CRM

Switching CRM systems might seem troublesome, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of our guide, you’ll transfer all your data into NetHunt CRM with only a few clicks. ‘Cause nothing should stand in the way of using the CRM system you and your team deserve!


What’s inside?

  • Benefits of migrating from Pipedrive to NetHunt CRM

    For those still unsure, we’ll go over why you should move from Pipedrive to NetHunt CRM.

  • How to export data out of Pipedrive

    You’ll learn to export, validate, and structure the data (and remove the extra fluff). We’ve got it all covered.

  • How to import companies and contacts into NetHunt CRM

    People first, and that goes for CRM data migration as well. We’ll show you how to transfer your valuable leads database into NetHunt CRM.

  • How to import deals into NetHunt CRM

    Moving your pipeline from Pipedrive to NetHunt CRM is the cherry on top of the migration process. With this guide, it’ll feel like you’ve always tracked your deals through NetHunt CRM.

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What you’ll get after you switch to NetHunt CRM

You may have forgotten why you decided to switch, or you may want to feel extra good about choosing a better CRM for your team. Either way, here’s what you get for making the switch:

More flexibility in CRM customization icon

More flexibility in CRM customization

Flexibility is what NetHunt CRM is all about. It lets you create new CRM objects and tailor the CRM environment to the unique needs of your business.

Unique integration capabilities icon

Unique integration capabilities

NetHunt CRM natively integrates with Gmail, LinkedIn, Messenger apps, social media platforms, VoIP dialers, and so much more.

Better pricing and value proposition icon

Better pricing and value proposition

Forget add-ons and plan-locked features. Transparent and all-inclusive pricing is the mantra at NetHunt. No hidden costs, no extras, no surprises. Just the way you like it.

Better workflow automation capabilities icon

Better workflow automation capabilities

Experience automation like no other. Automate both external and internal processes with ease. With enough mojo — you could probably automate coffee-making too!

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