Here's how our integrations, flexibility, automations make NetHunt CRM the right choice.

You’ve made the first step towards optimising your sales processes. You want to take your customer relationship management to the next level. You’ve decided to get a CRM system.

But in the sea of options, which fish is right for your business?

Our answer to that question is NetHunt CRM. Our confidence is backed by a solid foundation.

Recom have increased their business by 500% with the help of NetHunt CRM within two years , and other businesses have achieved similar results.

In this article, we will tell you what it is that makes NetHunt CRM the right choice when it comes to CRM.

8 reasons you should choose NetHunt CRM for your business

When looking for a CRM solution, NetHunt CRM proves itself as the right choice to make. Here’s why:

It’s the ideal CRM for Google Workspace users

Google Workspace has it all — Drive, Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets, Google Meet, and more.

But you know what it doesn’t have? A CRM.

Or so you thought, because NetHunt CRM is here to fix that issue. It directly implements a CRM into your daily work environment, essentially smoothing the learning curve. After all, NetHunt CRM truly feels just like your Gmail inbox.

Native Google Workspace integration

NetHunt CRM is the perfect power-up to your Google Workspace, essentially turning it into a Gmail CRM. The entire functionality of NetHunt CRM is accessible from the same tab.

Better yet, you can now do everything related to your sales processes with NetHunt CRM without switching between tabs. You read that right: No tab switching at all.

NetHunt CRM for Google Workspace
NetHunt CRM for Google Workspace


Data security is important, ensuring sensitive data doesn’t end up in your competitor's hands.

NetHunt CRM passes the Google Security Assessment every year, guaranteeing your data is protected according to the highest industry standards.

Additionally, NetHunt CRM is a Google Cloud partner. If you were to choose a CRM that integrates with your Gmail inbox, wouldn’t you pick the one Google recognises?

It’s always a perfect fit

With NetHunt CRM’s approach to customisation, nothing is off limits. A variety of customisation options are provided to NetHunt CRM’s users:

  • The ability to create as many folders and separate pipelines as you need
  • The ability to add and remove fields from customer cards and set fields as required
  • A large variety of filters and views can be set up and shared amongst the team, allowing for a customisable visualisation of the sales pipeline

These tools serve to ensure that you can set up your CRM experience around your processes, not the other way around.

To get a feel for the level of customisation allowed by NetHunt CRM, check out how OneThreeOneFour customised their CRM experience to connect an international team.

It helps automate with no development knowledge needed

Enter data, copy follow-up email, paste, send, rinse and repeat. We’ve all been there. Mundane tasks not only decrease employee motivation, but drain energy and focus. Customers, in turn, get worse service.

NetHunt CRM offers a whole range of automations to combat mundane tasks. You can take processes like lead generation, lead nurturing and follow-ups from employees, helping them focus on revenue-generating activities.

Here are some common processes companies automate with NetHunt CRM:

Lead generation

Not only does NetHunt CRM give you the ability to create webforms with our in-built web form builder. Once a lead fills in your web form, data is automatically scraped and added to your CRM database.

Additionally, you can use NetHunt CRM’s powerful lead-generation capabilities to generate leads from:

📩 Emails directly from your inbox

🌐 Social media with NetHunt CRM’s powerful LinkedIn integration, as well as the Instagram integration

📲 Phone calls through integrations with Ringostat

📨 Messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram

Lead nurturing

NetHunt CRM allows you to launch drip campaigns straight from your inbox. Imagine sending perfectly-timed emails that nurture leads from subscription to sale, all automated and tailored to individual customer journeys.

NetHunt CRM automated lead nurturing

Pipeline automation

Once your lead reacts to a drip campaign, automated workflows move that lead to the next stage in the sales funnel. Our workflows can also create tasks, distribute leads, assign leads to a sales rep, and then create and set a notifications.

Tasks and notifications like never before

NetHunt CRM allows you to automatically create and set tasks for employees. Automated reminders based on lead activity are available as well; a lifesaver for sales teams, ensuring that no lead ends up falling through the cracks.

NetHunt CRM for teams

Just let the testimonials from our clients speak for themselves…

“For me, as a business developer, task reminders are the feature that I like most. I may have up to four clients at a time with thousands of prospects for each one. When I get replies to get back to clients – next week, next month, next quarter – it’s impossible to remember everything. When I get a reply like this, I instantly create a task linked to the client’s CRM record, and receive timely reminders to follow up.”

Nesrine Gaceur
Business Developer at Recom

Omni-channel communication

NetHunt CRM centralises all customer communications in a single tab. After all, responding to leads through their preferred communication channels greatly increases your chances of converting them.

NetHunt CRM for omnichannel communication

An important feature of NetHunt CRM’s omni-channel approach is powerful integration with messenger apps:

If your prospects prefer communication through the phone, NetHunt CRM has a variety of integrations with VoIP providers such as Ringostat. There’s also an Intercom integration — the cherry on top of your new omni-channel communications hub.

Native LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn is a big deal in sales. It’s one of the most effective channels for lead generation and for outreach. NetHunt CRM has a native integration with Linkedin, allowing you to add new leads from LinkedIn at a click of a button.

Once you connect NetHunt CRM to LinkedIn, the NetHunt CRM logo will appear next to the names of your prospects on LinkedIn. Clicking this button either allows you to create a new customer card for that prospect or add them to an existing one.

NetHunt CRM for LinkedIn

Once you’ve added your new lead, NetHunt CRM automatically scrapes all the available information from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile. Any changes in your lead’s workplace, location, or job title will also be reflected in their customer card.

Perfect for outbound sales

NetHunt CRM is the one-stop-shop for all your outbound sales needs.

Our lead generation feature suite allows you to scrape contact data that fits your ICP from sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Rather than providing a low-quality contact database, we offer all the instruments you need to work with the contacts that you consider ideal.

You can also automate outreach processes such as lead nurturing and follow-ups, as well as generate insightful reports to always keep a finger on the pulse of your sales strategy.

All of this comes on top of the base CRM functionality of NetHunt CRM, such as keeping a full communication record, database segmentation, pipeline management, and more!

“If a prospect replies to the email, they will automatically move onto the next stage; a task is also created and assigned to the relevant sales representative.

If the prospect doesn’t respond or interact with the email in three days, they will be sent another follow up automatically.”

The best customer success team imaginable

NetHunt CRM prides itself on its team.

From beginning to end — hitting your next milestone is our team’s top priority. Our customer success team is more than happy creating a CRM environment where your team will thrive, no matter how unique your requirements are.

EveryNetHunt CRM user gets the following benefits included in their subscription:

  • Onboarding provided by our caring team
  • Knowledge base
  • Access to our online community
  • Email support
  • One call per month with the customer success team
  • Live chat support
  • A dedicated customer success manager (Advanced plan subscribers only)
  • Admin training

Our team regularly holds meetings with clients and assists them in their usage of NetHunt CRM to ensure their goals are met.

Another testament to NetHunt CRM’s customer service is the badges it receives. G2, a user review site, has awarded NetHunt CRM with the following badges during their Winter 2023 report:

All-inclusive pricing plans that scale with your business

Businesses come in all sorts of sizes. We know the importance of providing an option for all of them.

There’s a plan for everyone with NetHunt CRM. All of our features are included as a part of your plan, depending on what business processes you need help with.

With NetHunt CRM, you won’t run into the problem of having to pay more for “add-ons” that should have been included in the first place.

We bill our customers per team member, meaning smaller teams won’t have to pay for more than they use. We can’t leave the big businesses behind, so individual discounts are given to large teams.

Here’s what a NetHunt CRM user had to say about our pricing…

“Integrating CRM and Gmail together in one interface is critical - NetHunt CRM does this at a value-conscious price point”

G2 Review by Erik N.

We understand how important it is for startups to have the necessary tools right from the start. Which is why we have a special startup programme for early-stage startups!

No need to buy before you try. NetHunt CRM offers a 14-day free trial to its users, giving you the ability to feel the system out before you make the commitment.

Independent recognition

Established in 2016, NetHunt is on a steadfast mission to redefine the way businesses interact with CRM systems.

Its unique approach and core philosophy of 'CRM everywhere' is what sets NetHunt apart, as one of the Streak alternatives. Our CRM isn’t confined to a standalone app but is integrated seamlessly into the tools you use daily, such as emails, messaging apps, and social media platforms.

NetHunt CRM G2 badges

NetHunt is a team of experts who are committed to innovation and excellence.

We don't just aim to meet industry standards; we aim to set them. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our review score of 4.7 out of 5 and a growing customer base that exceeds 10,000 active users.

NGO Program

It’s important to stand for what’s right. Which is why we have a programme that applies to any Ukrainian NGO or non-profit clients of NetHunt CRM — a 25% discount.

Future roadmap

NetHunt’s team values customer input above all, striving for a perfect CRM experience. We listen to our clients suggestions and implement them where we see fit.

There you have it! Eight reasons why NetHunt CRM is the right choice for you to make when looking out for your CRM. If you’re still not convinced, why not start NetHunt CRM’s 14-day free trial and see what we’re talking about?

If you’re interested in streamlining your sales processes, book a call with us and our team will be happy to assist you in tailoring your NetHunt CRM to your demands.

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