CRM for Small Business

A CRM system has always been one of the most important tools of trade for big companies and corporations. It was an expensive kind of software to purchase, implement and support, but the return on investments has proved it to be worth the cost. Today, you don't need to be a market giant to justify the use of CRM solutions.

Professional pipeline management

A CRM system is an effective tool to organize your business processes and conversations with clients. Usually, such information is spread across several systems or services and it's not easy to find it when needed. Especially when you need it right here and fast.

NetHunt is a small business CRM system that helps you keep your data organized, your team informed and ensure that the deals are moving down the pipeline. The best part? There are no compromises. It's all about enterprise-level CRM software for small business, that's affordable, powerful and as simple as sending an email!

NetHunt CRM benefits for Small Business

Easy CRM for small business

NetHunt is here to help! It's a CRM system for small business that's easy to learn and use daily. You don't need an hour-long webinar on how to build a sales pipeline with it.

Inbox with NetHunt CRM

All features included

A real Swiss Army Knife for SMB! Need to manage sales? Send mass mail? Organize tasks? Check your business progress? Do it all without leaving the inbox.

NetHunt CRM Clients

Cost-effective solution

NetHunt is cheaper than spreadsheets! Why even bother using a tool not designed for business relationship management when the real thing has never been more affordable?

NetHunt CRM Folder

With NetHunt CRM you can

Manage every aspect of your business

CRM is not only for sales. The best CRM for small business can adapt to needs of any company and activity. Customize NetHunt for your processes - from leads management and customer support to processing food orders.

Automate work and save time

NetHunt can automatically link related conversations to the corresponding records. Create records in one click with most data added instantly. Setup once and stay on top of your emails and tasks.

Send personalized mass mail

Studies prove that the more personalized an email is, the higher open and click-through rates are. Send your contacts emails tailored just for them using the data you already have in your inbox.

Stop worrying about the budget

Once you start using NetHunt, you get access to every feature it has. No more upgrades or switching price tiers. A CRM system for small business, a mass mailing solution, follow-ups, and tasks, completed with mobile apps and G Suite integration.

NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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