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Businesses unlock new lead generation channels with a CRM integrated with LinkedIn.

We give you the power to generate more leads with a CRM integrated with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Find new leads, automate data entry, and convert faster with NetHunt CRM.

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Businesses that generate leads with us

  • Businesses that generate leads with us
  • Businesses that generate leads with us
  • Businesses that generate leads with us
  • Businesses that generate leads with us

What is a LinkedIn CRM?

A LinkedIn CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator giving businesses enhanced lead generation capabilities. LinkedIn is widely recognized as a premier platform for acquiring high-quality leads, making a LinkedIn CRM particularly valuable for B2B and tech industries. CRM integrated with LinkedIn allows businesses to capture leads, store them in a CRM system already segmented and ready for effective follow-ups and conversions.

Why do businesses need a LinkedIn CRM?

  • Time-saving NetHunt’s integration with LinkedIn eliminates the need for manual creation of records and filling up CRM with data.

  • Data accuracy By integrating LinkedIn with a CRM system, businesses can avoid manual errors while copying data from LinkedIn and pasting it into CRM records.

  • Enhanced data enrichment LinkedIn data can be added directly to CRM enriching customer profiles for targeted and personalized communication.

  • Increased productivity Integration reduces the need to switch between multiple platforms and manually manage data between LinkedIn and CRM.

How does NetHunt CRM integrated with LinkedIn help with lead generation?

Lead Capture

Add new contacts to CRM in one click without leaving LinkedIn

NetHunt’s integration with LinkedIn automatically shows which LinkedIn profiles and companies are already in your CRM and which are new. This eliminates the need for manual checks of LinkedIn profiles and conversation histories, allowing you to focus on connecting with new opportunities. With just one click, you can effortlessly add the complete LinkedIn profile, be it a person or a company, directly into your CRM.

Add new contacts to CRM in one click without leaving LinkedIn screen

Data Enrichment

Get available information from LinkedIn profile in CRM automatically

No need to copy and paste every bit of information from a LinkedIn profile to a CRM record. With NetHunt's integration, all available data from both Company and Person profiles is automatically pulled into the relevant fields of your CRM, saving you time and ensuring accurate and comprehensive records.

  • For Person profile:
  • First and last name
  • Profile picture
  • Contact information
  • Job title
  • Company and many more
  • For Company Profile:
  • Logo
  • Industry
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Address, phone number and more
Get available information from LinkedIn profile in CRM automatically screen

Bridge the gap between LinkedIn and CRM

Import LinkedIn leads and all their available data into NetHunt CRM in a few clicks for enhanced lead nurturing.

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Bridge the gap between LinkedIn and CRM

2-way sync

Have CRM data next to LinkedIn profiles

Always have a lead’s or company’s details visible alongside their LinkedIn profile. Important information is always available and up-to-date, providing valuable context when you need it most.

  • Easily view the lead's status to track progress.
  • Check previous communication history on different channels.
  • See related Contacts associated with the Company.
  • See the list of tasks related to the Contact.
Have CRM data next to LinkedIn profiles screen

Lead Nurturing

Manage new contacts effectively

Add relevant LinkedIn leads to CRM, launch multi-touch personalised campaigns, and monitor how they move down the pipeline.

  • Contacts from LinkedIn are tagged with LinkedIn label for list segmentation.
  • Run high-converting outreach campaigns with information from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Create a dedicated pipeline specifically for leads generated from LinkedIn.
  • Analyze and track the conversion of LinkedIn leads into paying customers.
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Here’s what customers say about NetHunt CRM’s integration with LinkedIn

“It took us less than an hour to set up NetHunt and connect to our LinkedIn accounts. One-click and our LinkedIn connections are in our CRM. Now we own the data.”

Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen Founder of The LinkedIn Strategist

“I'm using Nethunt for managing customer relations and tracking my sales. I'm glad they have the integration with Linkedin. Thanks to it, I can get contacts from my connections and fill all the fields in CRM records within 2 clicks.”

Marin Bevanda

Marin Bevanda Product Sales Manager at nSoft

“Best Linkedin Plugin for Lead and Contact capture feature. If you are in B2B, it is one of the best and you don't need an additional Linkedin Sales Navigator license.”

Jens Meyer

Jens Meyer Director Operations at AON

Users love NetHunt CRM

Which is confirmed by numerous independent awards and feedback. All that we do, we do for our clients.

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What industries benefit from CRM integrated with LinkedIn?

NetHunt CRM is a highly customizable CRM system integrated with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Whether you operate globally or locally, regardless of your services, NetHunt CRM's LinkedIn integration helps you reach potential customers who are active on LinkedIn.

Who within your organization would benefit from a LinkedIn CRM?

NetHunt CRM integrated with LinkedIn offers benefits beyond just sales teams. With its high level of customization, every department within your organization can tailor the system to suit their specific needs. Marketers can create targeted lists for campaigns, while the HR department can efficiently source and recruit new team members.

Sales Professionals

Sales representatives, account managers, and sales executives can benefit greatly from a CRM integrated with LinkedIn – NetHunt CRM. It allows them to leverage the platform's extensive network to identify sales opportunities and capture potential leads. Segment leads on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator and add them in one click to NetHunt CRM.

Marketing team

NetHunt CRM empowers marketing teams to generate targeted segments on LinkedIn and seamlessly add those profiles and companies to the CRM. By analyzing similar criteria and patterns, marketing teams can launch highly effective campaigns that yield better results and engagement.

Business developers

Professionals involved in business development or partnerships can use NetHunt CRM to identify potential partners and decision-makers. Whether you are using LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can filter relevant people or companies and add them in one click to the partner’s pipeline. Track interactions and manage relationships to grow revenue from partnerships.

Human Resources

HR departments can utilize a CRM integrated with LinkedIn to streamline recruitment efforts. They can leverage LinkedIn's vast talent pool to source candidates, and manage the hiring process more efficiently. With NetHunt CRM, they can create a database of potential candidates, track applicant interactions, and build a pipeline for the recruitment process.

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