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Discover the best CRM for digital marketing agencies: NetHunt gives you the power to grow your agency by building strong customer relations and delegating all the routine work to the CRM.

Agencies grow x5 with NetHunt CRM.

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  • Businesses that grow with us
  • Businesses that grow with us

What is a marketing agency CRM?

An agency CRM system is like a swiss army knife for a marketing agency’s operations. It's a powerful software tool that transforms how agencies handle both sales and account management processes — from generating new clients to retaining and upselling existing ones. CRM for marketing agencies helps to overcome poor workflow automation, low win and retention rates, manual or fragmented lead generation, and inadequate customer data management that results in missed opportunities and lost accounts.

Must-have features of a CRM for agencies…

  • Contact management

  • Task management

  • Pipeline management

  • Email marketing functionality

  • Integration with different channels

  • Collaborative functionality

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Mobile accessibility

Why need a CRM for marketing agencies?

Without an agency CRM...

Pipeline conversion is low

And so is your revenue… There are lots of bottlenecks in the sales pipeline, so deals get stuck.

With an agency CRM...

Conversion is at an all-time high

Your lead nurturing is automated and on-point, so the sales cycle is shorter, and the number of won deals grows.

Without an agency CRM...

Can’t keep up with the project deadlines

Poor project management and missed deadlines are the norm. Specialists can’t keep up with their workload.

With an agency CRM...

All projects run smoothly

Communication with customers is a breeze, you stay on top of your tasks, never miss a deadline or forget an important agreement.

Without an agency CRM...

Deal transfer is a disaster

Customer data gets lost when transfering deals from the sales team to the account management teams. There’s no inter-department communication.

With an agency CRM...

All teams are well-aligned

There’s a shared database, so every bit of customer data is securely stored and doesn’t fall through the cracks when passed onto the next team.

Without an agency CRM...

No meaningful relationships with clients

Processes aren’t standardised, so clients receive different treatment. You can’t remember to follow-up and lose upselling opportunities.

With an agency CRM...

Long-term, robust relationships with clients

Customer data is up-to-date, complete, and stored in one place. You can segment the audience, personalise and automate your communication with them.

Experience seamless collaboration and skyrocketing productivity with NetHunt CRM

How does NetHunt CRM for marketing agencies help agencies catapult their sales?

Lead generation & lead capture

Never miss a single sales opportunity

Why should ad agencies care?

For ad agencies, missing out on sales opportunities not only results in a decrease in revenue but also carries the risk of damaging their reputation.

In the wild world of B2B agencies (both ad agencies and marketing agencies), where omnichannel sales reign supreme, leads come rushing into the sales pipeline from all directions — email, website, phone, messenger apps, social media platforms, and offline mediums.

To seize opportunities and close sales, it's crucial to respond promptly to new lead inquiries and start nurturing them right away. To do that effectively, you need to bring all your lead generation channels together under one roof and automate the process of capturing leads.

Collect leads for your agency from various channels and centralize all the data in a single CRM for digital marketing agencies — segmented, clean, reliable, and easily manageable.

Never miss a single sales opportunity screen

Contacts organisation

Keep full history of communication with clients

Why should ad agencies care?

When discussing specifics of different campaigns and creatives with clients, marketing agency employees exchange a multitude of different ideas, files, and documents, all scattered across different mediums. To ensure your offer aligns with the client's expectations and deliver a final project that hits the mark, it's crucial not to let any communication detail slip through the cracks. A CRM for advertising agencies becomes a pivotal tool in achieving this.

Moreover, even after the project is completed, having a record of all customer interactions stored in their dedicated customer record becomes invaluable. This data enables successful cross-selling, upselling, and securing future collaborations.

Keep all the data about your customers in a single place. We’ll automatically capture and link all the related information to contacts or projects:

  • Emails, chats, call recordings.
  • Vendors & partners involved.
  • Files and documentation.
  • Notes and comments.
  • Related Tasks
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Customer Story

Working in agency mode, Recom has grown their business X5 with NetHunt CRM

Want to excel like Recom?


Automate routine work NetHunt CRM for marketing agencies

Why should ad agencies care?

At marketing agencies, routine tasks like data entry, lead nurturing, follow-ups, and document generation can consume valuable time, preventing creatives from focusing on their core creative work. This not only leads to burnout and job dissatisfaction but also increases the likelihood of errors and typos. Ultimately, this negatively impacts the bottom line of marketing agencies.

Increase your team's productivity and shorten the sales cycle with NetHunt’s Workflows.

  • Automate
    sales processes
  • Immediately distribute leads among managers.
  • Send persistent, relevant, and timely follow-ups.
  • Sent quotes and invoices automatically.
  • Automate account management processes
  • Never miss any project deadline with reminders.
  • Make sure all new clients are onboarded properly.
  • Celebrate client milestones to foster relationships.
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Email campaigns

Send highly personalised email campaigns

Why should ad agencies care?

Email is a vital communication channel for marketing agencies, and personalisation plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. It's a well-known fact among marketing professionals that a successful email campaign hinges on personalised content.

Statistics reveal that personalisation can significantly reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%, improve marketing spending efficiency by 10-30%, and increase revenues by 5-15%. However, achieving personalisation at scale poses a significant challenge for marketing agencies in their quest to acquire and retain customers.

Furthermore, when setting up email marketing campaigns for clients, marketing agencies require a tool that enables efficient database segmentation and the creation and sending of bulk emails.

Send email campaigns to grow a customer base of your marketing agency, establish brand loyalty, and increase the number of active projects.

  • Build segmented email lists for targeted campaigns.
  • Save email templates for faster communication.
  • Track campaigns’ performance (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.).
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Account management

Build strong relationships with existing clients

Why should ad agencies care?

For marketing agencies, customer acquisition costs average around $141, making it approximately four times more expensive than retaining existing customers, as statistics suggest.

So, it’s vital for marketing agencies to focus on reducing customer churn, mainly via establishing robust relationships with existing customers.

Besides, in this competitive market, reputation is everything. It can make all the difference between a well-known agency that consistently generates leads and drives sales, and one that struggles to gain traction. By prioritising relationship building with clients, marketing agencies can enhance their reputation, attract more leads, and achieve long-term business success.

Leverage the power of NetHunt CRM for agencies to cultivate lasting connections with your existing clients. Nurture these relationships and provide exceptional service, encouraging clients to return to you organically and refer your agency to their network. This increased loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion can ultimately lead to substantial revenue growth for your agency:

  • Standardise the onboarding process for new clients.
  • Automate reminders and tasks for celebrating agency-client milestones and achievements.
  • Streamline assessment calls.
  • Build an advanced tree of linked records to keep track of everything and everyone.
  • Centralise your data and automate data logging for every agency-client interaction.
More about customer relations
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HR processes management

Retain quality talent at your marketing agency for longer

Why should ad agencies care?

Marketing agencies should prioritise retaining quality talent for longer because it brings stability to the team, fosters a positive work culture, reduces recruitment and training costs, promotes client satisfaction through consistent service delivery, and drives long-term business growth.

Empower your employees with the best tools available to maximise their efficiency and productivity. Introduce your marketing agency to NetHunt CRM to:

  • Add transparency to the commission calculation process.
  • Standardise and automate the onboarding process for new agency hires.
  • Keep track of employee milestones, 1:1s, and performance reviews.
  • Enable inter-team communication with @mentions and comments.
  • Clearly distribute responsibilities and the workload.
  • Keep employees happy by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks.
More about team management
Retain quality talent at your marketing agency for longer screen

CRM to fit your processes

Every piece of NetHunt CRM can be customised to fit the unique processes and needs of your creative agency.

Folders & CRM records

Create as many folders as you need – for customers, contractors, projects, and partners – and add unique and relevant record fields for each of them.

Custom pipelines

Build as many pipelines as you need. Break down the pipeline into stages to accurately represent your sales process. Name the stages the way you’re used to calling them.

Replicate effective processes

Built an ideal CRM record structure or a super-effective automated workflow? Replicate them in just a few clicks — you’ll never have to create another one from scratch.

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Bring the data from your other tools into the CRM

Integrate NetHunt CRM with your favourite, most effective tools, to make your marketing agency even more potent. Connect our direct integrations, third-party integrations via Zapier, or build your own ones with an open API.

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Users love NetHunt CRM

Which is confirmed by numerous independent awards and feedback. All that we do, we do for our clients.

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Which marketing agencies will benefit from NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM is a powerful, multi-faceted, and highly customisable CRM system for agencies. Hence, no matter what services you provide, what audiences you target, and where you operate, your marketing agency business will benefit from using NetHunt CRM.

NetHunt CRM is a match made in heaven with…

Who at your marketing agency will benefit from the marketing agency CRM implementation?

NetHunt CRM is a versatile tool designed to benefit every member of your agency. Whether you're in sales, marketing, account management, or any other department, NetHunt CRM streamlines your work processes, enhances collaboration, and drives overall productivity.


NetHunt CRM for agencies provides real-time access to comprehensive customer data and analytics, empowering C-Suite executives to make data-driven decisions. They can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, and sales trends, leading to more informed strategic choices for their marketing agency.

Sales managers

With the help of NetHunt CRM, marketing agency sales managers can track sales pipelines, forecast revenue, and identify bottlenecks, making it easier to streamline workflows and optimise sales performance. The can also analyse conversion rates and individual sales team performance to facilitate improvement.

Business development representatives

By utilising NetHunt CRM’s functionality, BDRs are marketing agencies can streamline lead management and lead qualification, automate parts of the sales process, manage tasks, and effectively collaborate with other teams.

Account managers

Thank to NetHunt CRM, agency account managers will find it easy to build lasting relationships with existing clients, remember every little detail of their interactions, automate and personalise communication at scale, and drive more sales via referrals, cross-selling and upselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my agency need a CRM?

Marketing agencies face various challenges that can be effectively addressed by implementing an agency CRM:

  • Low conversion rates. A CRM for agency helps optimise lead management processes, improving conversion rates from leads to clients.
  • Flawed customer data. An agency CRM solves issues related to messy, unstructured, outdated, and irrelevant lead and customer data, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility.
  • Missed information in the process of transferring deals from sales to account management teams. An agency CRM facilitates seamless communication between teams and offers shared database accessible to everyone involved, reducing information loss during sales to account management transition process.
  • Poor project management and inability to meet deadlines. Effective project and task management features in an agency CRM enable marketing agencies to manage ongoing projects more efficiently and meet deadlines.
  • Inability to build strong relationships with existing customers. An agency CRM enables marketing agencies to build and nurture long-lasting relationships with existing customers, fostering loyalty and retention.
  • High customer churn rate. By leveraging the capabilities of an agency CRM, marketing agencies can effectively reduce customer churn and enhance client satisfaction.
  • Low average deal size. An agency CRM provides tools for identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities, enabling marketing agencies to increase the average size of deals.
  • Poor talent retention. An agency CRM helps create a conducive work environment, enhancing employee satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of retaining talented professionals.

Is NetHunt CRM suitable for both small and large agencies?

Yes. NetHunt CRM is a fully customisable CRM for agencies that offers the ability to tailor the system to meet your unique requirements, whether you operate in a niche market or have ambitious growth plans.

With NetHunt CRM, you have the freedom to customise fields, folders, pipelines, and automations, ensuring that the CRM aligns perfectly with your agency's processes and goals.

No matter the size or specificity of your needs, NetHunt CRM can be adapted to provide the optimal solution for your agency.

What are the benefits of NetHunt CRM for agencies?

Implementation of NetHunt CRM opens up a vast array of opportunities to marketing agencies:

  • Contact management functionality allows agencies to keep their customer organised and centralised, complete, and up-to-date.
  • Workflows, NetHunt’s automation functionality, gives marketing agencies an opportunity to take the hard word out of working hard and streamline various repetitive tasks: lead capture, data entry, lead nurturing, drip campaigns, etc.
  • Email marketing functionality allows saving time by creating email templates, sending personalised emails in bulk, and tracking their performance and impact on the sales pipeline.
  • Pipeline management functionality allows agency teams to create different custom pipelines for their specific needs, visualise their sales and project management processes.
  • Reporting and analytics give agencies an opportunity to track their employees’ activity, understand what their team members are doing on a daily basis, evaluate the effectiveness of different activities, and make more informed decisions.
  • Integrations allow connecting NetHunt CRM with the rest of the agency tool stack.

Can NetHunt CRM assist in project management for marketing agencies?

Yes. Thanks to NetHunt CRM’s task management functionality, agency account managers can use the agency CRM solution to track the progress of different projects, create tasks (both manually and automatically from emails) to organise the workload for the team, and set automated reminders to never miss a single deadline.

How can NetHunt CRM help in managing clients for marketing agencies?

NetHunt CRM for agencies ensures that all the client information from all sorts of different mediums — email, messenger apps, phone calls, social media, etc. — is securely stored in a single place, the customer record. That way, agency account managers can always refer to the record to dig any information needed.

Moreover, NetHunt CRM’s automation functionality allows users from agencies set up automated sequences to distribute new clients, onboard them, regularly reach out to them etc.

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