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The Only CRM Buyer's Guide You'll Need

Complete Guide on How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Business

For a large-scale business, a spreadsheet database is a disaster - it’s tedious and often faulty. But even for a startup, storing the surging set of customer data in a spreadsheet sounds like a Dark Ages concept. Modernize your business with a reliable CRM solution to bring order to your customer data. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential to any business. It helps increase sales productivity, satisfy clients, accelerate revenue, and fuel growth.


What’s inside?

  • Must-have features of a CRM system

    We list features that every CRM needs to have in order to execute its main goals: organize customer base, track interactions with customers, automate processes, and make your customers and sales team happy.

  • 13 steps to finding the perfect CRM

    From defining the CRM implementation goals and planning the budget to conducting the research and getting high-quality final feedback from the team, our step-by-step guide to choosing the right CRM for your business contains the most important practical bits of information. No fluff.

  • CRM evaluation template

    Organize the CRM testing process and make sure no details slip through the cracks with our list of key considerations to follow and a free template for CRM comparison.

Book pages

Insight for everyone

Arm every department of your company with the superpower in the form of a CRM. We guarantee that once you discover the right CRM for your business, you won’t be able to live a day without it!

Business owners/ CEOs icon

Business owners/ CEOs

Want to have visibility into how your business is operating? CRM data will help you evaluate your business health and make more informed decisions about the bottlenecks in the processes, business strategy, product development, and more. If you’re still unsure whether you need CRM software or you can manage all the customer interactions within spreadsheets, the guide is worth checking out!

Sales teams icon

Sales teams

Often being the initiators responsible for CRM implementation, salespeople will find tons of helpful information in the guide. Everything from identifying the moment you need to implement a CRM in your organization, to the process of selecting the most appropriate for your business, to evaluating the success of CRM implementation. CRM software can increase sales by up to 29%, so getting one is the right move!

Marketing teams icon

Marketing teams

It’s crucial to have a single CRM system so that sales and marketing teams have a clear picture of the buyer's journey. CRM helps marketers send and track email campaigns, create segmented audience lists for hyper-personalized communication, and check sales objectives to create valuable content for their audience. Within the guide, you’ll find a lot more useful CRM functionality for marketers.

Customer Success teams icon

Customer Success teams

Customer service departments can also benefit from using a CRM system - from having the entire history of communication to the opportunity to react to all the customer requests quickly. With a CRM in place, customer service departments say goodbye to endless manual work and repetitive tasks. Check out the whole list of useful features in the guide.

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