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We put CRM security above anything else

We value the trust people place in NetHunt and we want our customers to feel confident about engaging with NetHunt CRM. Here we outline information about the efforts we take to keep your information secure and to respect your data privacy.

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NetHunt CRM security guidelines

You trust us with your business data and we take it very seriously.

You own your CRM data iconYou own your CRM data

NetHunt neither stores, nore owns the information you keep in our product. You always retain all rights to your data.

Access permission iconAccess permission

Gmail API access by NetHunt CRM is limited to only the information necessary to implement our application. You can also view and revoke permissions for your account.

Third-party security tested iconThird-party security tested

We passed our first Google Security Assessment successfully back in 2019, and are now doing it every year to confirm our compliance.

Privacy compliance iconPrivacy compliance

NetHunt is built to comply with regulations regarding data privacy and protection. This includes the EU’s GDPR and the CCPA.

Security features iconSecurity features

Our security features help protect you against unauthorized access and tightly control user access to data.

Deletion protection iconDeletion protection

Folders, records, and even fields deleted by your users are stored in the Trash bin for 30 days available for restoring.

Google Cloud infrastructure iconGoogle Cloud infrastructure

Your NetHunt CRM data is stored on Google Cloud Platform. NetHunt makes encrypted backup copies of the data for recovery purposes.

Encrypted data iconEncrypted data

NetHunt encrypts data in transit between our facilities and at rest, ensuring that it can only be accessed by authorized roles.

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