NetHunt CRM integration with Google Contacts

Start using NetHunt’s Google Contact Sync to upgrade your contacts with CRM functionality and add them to your sales process.

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Start using Google Contacts Sync to add your Google Contacts to NetHunt CRM

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Update or create new contacts

Run synchronization to add new Contacts to NetHunt or update existing ones with new details from your Google Contacts.

Link contacts to existing or new companies in CRM

Automatically link synchronized contact to an existing company in NetHunt CRM to a newly added or updated contact. Or, automatically create a new Company record in NetHunt, if there was no such record in your NetHunt workspace.

Choose the contacts to be synced

Choose the contacts that you want to sync with your NetHunt CRM: all contacts in your Google Contacts account or a specific contacts label.

Set automatic sync

Pick the frequency of contacts sync between Google Contacts and NetHunt CRM. You can sync your contacts either manually or automatically once a day or once an hour.

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Connect your CRM data to build interactive reports and dashboards, and share them with your team or the world.

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Create new contacts from Intercom chats, update info for existing clients, etc.

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