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Modernize pharmacy industry

InSum sells pharmacy products and disposable supplies of various items. Focused on retail and wholesale, they provide quick delivery, excellent service, and immediate responses to clients.




E-commerce, Retail

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March 2018
Marcos Martelli, Director

“Besides organizing potential and actual clients, NetHunt is the tool that allows us to measure performance and effectiveness of our Commercial team. With that information we have full visibility of our sales pipeline.”

The story


InSum’s primary communication channels with clients are Gmail and phone. As the team preferred to maintain customer data in Gmail, they tried organizing leads and potential clients with “star” marks and color coding. It worked for a while; however, as the company grew, this approach to customer data management proved to be quite ineffective: it overloaded InSum team with manual work and still displayed too little useful information in front of inbox email. It was time to look for a CRM platform that would help them:


NetHunt stood out among other CRM tools. It was well-organized, capable of automating a lot of workflows, and seemed to make overall sales process much more efficient. However, the main advantage of NetHunt CRM for InSum team was its complete integration with Gmail. Having all the client details and conversation history featured on one screen was very convenient and simplified communication with customers a lot.

The main processes built up

To encourage their clients re-purchase over and over again, InSum team started using NetHunt email campaigns along with the other email marketing tool. The team linked email campaigns to the customer profiles along with their responses and tracked customer activity to define the best time for a next purchase discount.

The other main thing is that NetHunt supports integration with other apps, for example, Zapier. InSum decided to integrate their website chatbot with NetHunt, and now all the leads from the chat automatically migrate to the CRM, eliminating unnecessary manual work.

And finally, InSum is now capable of measuring the team performance. They track metrics like the number of leads processed by each manager in a month, or the number of phone calls made.

Overall, NetHunt CRM proved to be affordable, yet very powerful and flexible system that helps InSum team automate leads flow and grow their sales by analyzing customer behavior.

The most loved NetHunt CRM features

Complete integration with Gmail

Open API/Zapier integration

Flexibility and customization

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