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How to move from spreadsheets to CRM

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Using NetHunt to maintain healthy team competition

Considered as being at the forefront of technological innovation in their sector, IMTC have reached impressive heights. Now, as their list of consulting points grows longer, and their family of passionate, experienced consultants gets larger, they have their sights set on global telecommunication domination. With a helping hand from NetHunt CRM, IMTC needs to maintain their fantastic momentum to fulfill their potential… and they’re going to do it one goal at a time.

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30 people

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13 people

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November, 2018

The challenge

IMTC didn’t really use any automating software until they noticed the market start changing. It turned out that clients needed more than just a company to buy from. Clients needed to be known and understood; treated as actual entities rather than just another number. Along came NetHunt.

The way in which Roberto found NetHunt CRM is fittingly simple; he searched Google for a Gmail CRM. He signed up for a free trial, had a demo with Anastasia, and liked the product so much that he decided to roll it out further to his team.

The solution

IMTC now has one central hub for maintaining their client-related database. They can create new client folders when a fresh face arrives in their shop and update an old folder when they deal with somebody they already know. Roberto can keep on top of what is going on with his team and his business, always understands who needs to do what next, and even offers rewards to his best-performing colleagues.

To do this he uses NetHunt’s comprehensive reporting functions. He can look at pipeline reports to compare how his team performs week-on-week, based on the deals that were closed and the money that was earnt. This gives him an overview of the general health of his business. More specifically for his team, the goal report function lets him set specific goals for selected team members to meet. He can choose different criteria for the goals he wants teams to meet and keep an eye on them in real-time.

The whole team has access to the goal report, and this maintains a healthy competition and momentum between his different team members.

NetHunt CRM even helps with IMTC’s SMS marketing and customer reward campaigns. Roberto finds all the customers who have been most loyal to his business over the past month, exports their data from NetHunt and imports it into an Italian SMS provider. It’s that simple!

The customer service was impeccable and precise at every turn.
Roberto Salva

Roberto Salva

Founder & CEO

IMTC’s favourite things about NetHunt

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