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NetHunt CRM — a CRM for outbound sales

Do everything from Gmail.

NetHunt CRM is the only tool you’ll need for outbound sales. Generate leads, enrich them with verified info, automate engagement, manage pipelines, and more — all from your CRM.

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NetHunt CRM — a CRM for outbound sales
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Do outbound sales? Here’s how
NetHunt CRM can help

Forget about using five different tools for outbound. With NetHunt CRM, you don’t need to copy and paste or spend time aggregating data from different sources to see the entire picture of the sales process.

Effortless lead management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and chaos. NetHunt CRM makes managing leads a piece of cake. Organize, segment, and track every lead hassle-free.

Automated outreach

Increase productivity with automated email sequences, follow-ups, tasks, and reminders. Never miss an opportunity again!

Integrated communication

Keep all your customer interactions in one place and build fruitful relationships. Email, text, and message people on social media from the same tab.


Generate leads

That match your ideal customer profile.

NetHunt CRM makes lead sourcing so much easier thanks to its powerful integrations. Have a CSV file of leads or a couple of LinkedIn contacts in mind? Create precise prospect lists right in your CRM. One click, and you’re ready to engage.

All the channels you need for outbound sales — in one place.

Check more on lead generation

Get your leads’ info in seconds

Spend less time prospecting and more time selling.

Tired of unreliable lead databases? NetHunt CRM gives you contact details of people you want to do business with. No jumping back and forth between multiple tools. One click, and you’ve got verified info of your leads.

  • Your leads’ accurate data. Validated & verified.
  • Find prospects’ emails and phone numbers.
  • Get helpful info about their organization.
  • Learn about company size and industry.
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Build multi-channel sequences to connect with leads

No code required.

Ditch manual follow-ups and CRM updates for good. Build automated sequences with hyper-personalized emails and LinkedIn messages using any CRM field. Detect buyer intents and act on time.

Design automation sequences tailored to your prospect’s needs at each stage of their customer journey.

  • Automate these processes with NetHunt CRM:
  • Social selling
  • Email campaigns
  • Pipeline updates
  • Tasks & notifications
  • … And more!
Check our sales automation functionality

Automate LinkedIn interactions

Choose what you want to do on the platform automatically and set delays between actions. All in NetHunt’s Workflows that live inside your Gmail inbox.

  • Add these actions to your Workflow sequences:
  • Connect with prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Withdraw connection requests.
  • Send and receive messages from CRM.
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Your LinkedIn account is in safe hands

Our sophisticated algorithm makes LinkedIn prospecting as safe as it can get. NetHunt CRM controls the automated activities of the account, making sure they are natural and don’t breach any platform guidelines.

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Close more deals

Be confident about next quarter’s sales targets.

NetHunt CRM has everything you need to bring more leads to the finish line. Oversee your sales pipeline, evaluate time spent in each stage, and get actionable analytics to close more deals.

  • Track progress of every deal.
  • Evaluate the sales team's performance.
  • See how your salespeople progress towards their goals.
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These companies chose NetHunt CRM

Businesses of any size from different industries and countries use NetHunt CRM. Here’s why.

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“It has made us so much more organized and confident with our deals”

NetHunt's startup program provided us with an easy path to test and evaluate the strengths of the tools. We found NetHunt to be the most integrated with our workflows, and it has made us so much more organized and confident with our deals!

Hamza Tahir photo

Hamza Tahir

Co-Creator & CTO at ZenML

Kigui logo

“Using it for new clients and fundraising”

I've been on the hunt for a solid CRM for my startup. Boom! Found NetHunt. It's crazy easy to use, and I can tweak it just the way I want. Been using it for new clients and fundraising. If you're in a startup, seriously, you have to try it.

Mauricio Kremer photo

Mauricio Kremer

CEO at Kigui

Bonder logo

“Organize our commercial and fundraising pipelines”

NetHunt's Startup program has been an amazing opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technology. We have been using NetHunt to organize our commercial and fundraising pipelines. We can easily add new leads with the LinkedIn integration, track their improvement and create automated email campaigns, originating much better results and engagement with less manual effort.

Tobias Frieder photo

Tobias Frieder

CEO & Co-founder at Bonder

Xilva Global logo

“Instrumental in optimizing our BD operations without straining our budget”

Being a part of the NetHunt CRM Startup Program has been a blessing. Getting access to premium features at an affordable rate has been instrumental in optimizing our BD operations without straining our budget. The training materials have empowered our team to harness the full potential of the CRM and to develop sales skills.

Lorenzo Garofano photo

Lorenzo Garofano

Co-Founder at Xilva Global

nTeaser logo

“We manage our contacts, projects, and tasks”

Switching to Nethunt was an amazing decision for our startup! With Nethunt we are much more organized. Not only we manage our contacts and campaigns easily, but also the company projects and all the employees tasks. Thanks to Nethunt there are no misunderstandings and everyone is well informed at a very affordable price.

Carmen Izquierdo Serrano photo

Carmen Izquierdo Serrano

Founder at nTeaser

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Users love NetHunt CRM

Which is confirmed by numerous independent awards and feedback. All that we do, we do for our clients.

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Learn more about outbound sales

FAQs about CRMs for
outbound sales

What’s the difference between inbound and outbound sales prospecting?

Inbound and outbound sales prospecting are two approaches businesses can use to expand their customer base. Inbound focuses on building a solid brand image. Its goal is to make it so the customers initiate engagement themselves.

Outbound sales prospecting involves a more proactive approach. Outbound businesses reach out directly to potential leads through strategies like cold calling, cold emailing, and targeted advertising.

What is NetHunt CRM, and how does it help with outbound sales?

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool. It helps companies efficiently generate leads from multiple channels, organize them, engage potential leads, and track each interaction.

Out CRM is well-suited for optimizing outbound sales. Its powerful automation module and direct integration with popular sales outreach tools like Gmail, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp help you make your outbound sales strategy effective and profitable.

Can I customize NetHunt CRM to fit specific outbound sales processes?

Absolutely! NetHunt CRM offers robust customization to help you adjust the tool to your company’s outbound sales processes. You can effortlessly add or remove fields and create highly customized automated workflows. You do you!

How does NetHunt CRM facilitate lead management and tracking in outbound sales?

NetHunt CRM lets you see each lead's journey. It captures all the crucial details, including leads’ preferences, communication history, and specific touchpoints within the sales pipeline.

Moreover, NetHunt’s intuitive dashboard allows you to monitor lead progress and ensure that no opportunity slips through the cracks. Nurture leads efficiently and get successful conversions, pro-style.

Can I use NetHunt CRM for email marketing and automation in outbound sales processes?

Yes, NetHunt CRM has everything you need for outbound sales, including email marketing and automation.

You can create personalised and targeted email campaigns and track email interactions from the same tab. Email templates, bulk campaigns, automated sequences & follow-ups let you take the manual tasks off your sales team, saving them time to do more profitable things.

What makes NetHunt CRM different from other CRM solutions in the market?

First, NetHunt CRM lives in your Gmail inbox. No need to switch between countless tabs, thanks to this tool.

Second, NetHunt CRM offers a higher level of customization compared to those from other CRM systems. You can customise the platform to fit your specific business processes and objectives perfectly.

Not to mention our robust workflow automation capabilities that simplify sales processes and save so much of your precious time.

Does NetHunt CRM work better with some particular industries or sectors?

Nope! Our clients use NetHunt CRM businesses across various industries, accommodating both inbound and outbound sales processes effectively. Our CRM solution works well for SaaS businesses, marketing agencies, legal firms, logistics companies, transportation services, non-profit organizations, and more.

How much does NetHunt CRM cost, and what are the available plans?

NetHunt CRM has five pricing plans to fit any business needs and requirements. All plans are all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden costs or additional charges for extra features.

Our pricing plans start at $24 per user/month, billed annually.

Visit our pricing page to compare all the plans and select the best one for your business.

Have questions or doubts? Drop us a message at support@nethunt.com.

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