NetHunt CRM integration with Xero

We're excited to announce a soon-to-be-released integration with Xero - one of the most widely-used online accounting tools built for small business. You will be able to manage invoices, track payments, and view invoice history right from your NetHunt CRM in Gmail.

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Manage Xero invoices from NetHunt

Create new invoices, send them to your CRM contacts, and track them — all from your NetHunt CRM.

Track payments

Monitor payments status to find out who hasn't paid the invoices yet and send them reminders.

See invoice history

View all of the past invoices sent to your clients right from your NetHunt CRM.

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Upload Excel, OneDrive and other documents to never miss a thing.

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Make, receive and log calls, see caller info, create call notes directly from your CRM.

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