NetHunt CRM integration with Trello

We're excited to announce a soon-to-be-released integration with Trello - a web-based list-making application that allows you to manage your tasks effectively. Add details from NetHunt CRM to Trello cards and auto-create new cards with NetHunt CRM Trello integration.

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Add details from NetHunt CRM to Trello cards

NetHunt CRM Power-Up in Trello will allow you to add contacts, deals, and other CRM data to a Trello card.

Auto-create new Trello cards based on changes in NetHunt

Create a rule in Trello to create a card automatically once a specific change or event occurs in NetHunt CRM.

Share CRM data with Trello board members

Attach CRM data to a card to share it with the rest of the board members, regardless of whether they have NetHunt CRM account or not.

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