NetHunt CRM for Office365

We're excited to announce a soon-to-be-released integration with Office365 that provides access to a number of apps, including Excel, Outlook and OneDrive. NetHunt brings all the key Office365 applications into one intuitive system and places the full-featured CRM next to your work emails, chat messages, and calendar events.

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Outlook - Close deals right in your inbox

An Outlook-integrated CRM will help you capture incoming leads and accurately store client details. NetHunt will also show you relevant customer data next to the ongoing conversation, and automatically log and link your emails to appropriate contacts, companies, and deals.

CALENDAR - Bring client details to calendar events

Office365 CRM integration will make it possible to schedule calendar events with your contacts right in your Outlook using NetHunt functionality. Such events will be automatically logged and linked with relevant customer or prospect, and can then be edited and updated — all without leaving your favourite email client.

ONEDRIVE - Link and store important files

By integrating with OneDrive, NetHunt will allow adding files to your client profiles and uploading them to your OneDrive automatically.

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Send e-documents, track their status and once signed - store them in related records.

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View financial information - invoicing and payment statuses - in a single record.

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