NetHunt CRM integration with Mailchimp

We're excited to announce a soon-to-be-released integration with Mailchimp - email marketing tool that is widely used to automate a number of marketing processes. You will be able to share contacts' information between Mailchimp and NetHunt, as well as import email templates and campaign results from Mailchimp to NetHunt CRM.

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Export NetHunt CRM contacts to Mailchimp

Export single or multiple records from NetHunt CRM to a subscribers list in Mailchimp. Exporting NetHunt contacts to Mailchimp will add new subscribers or update existing ones with the new CRM details.

Import Mailchimp subscribers to NetHunt CRM

Instantly import subscribers from Mailchimp as contacts, clients, or leads in NetHunt CRM. Schedule regular imports to bring Mailchimp subscribers to your CRM automatically.

Import email templates and email stats from Mailchimp

Retrieve email templates from Mailchimp to use them in your NetHunt email campaigns as well. Mailchimp integration with NetHunt will also allow you to view Mailchimp campaigns sent to a particular contact, along with their activity on them.

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