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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


CRM for sales
and marketing teams

integrated with   Gmail and   LinkedIn

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool that helps you manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals.

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Work from the comfort
of your Google Workspace

  • Automatically update records based on your Gmail communications.

  • Get your Contacts automatically added and updated in CRM.

  • Get access to client details directly from Calendar events.

  • Link files that you send to customers to their CRM records – never miss a detail.

  • Pull CRM data to Looker Studio to build real-time reports that unite data from various sources.

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Organize your data

NetHunt automatically structures and streamlines business data effectively and productively.

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Organize your customer base and work with it efficiently

  • no more adding new contacts manually;
  • no more cleaning up duplicate contacts;
  • no more reminding the team to fill in all details.
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Automate lead generation processes and act on new opportunities fast

  • capture leads from multiple channels;
  • get enriched CRM profiles;
  • nurture leads automatically for faster sales.
More on Leads in NetHunt CRM
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Manage all the deals from the centralized view

  • sort deals by priority and chance to close;
  • know exactly where the deals are stuck;
  • feel confident about sales forecasts.
More on Pipelines in NetHunt CRM
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Track of all the sales activity within key metrics for your business

  • identify the reasons of lost deals;
  • track progress within certain period;
  • get to know what your team is doing.
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Automate sales routine

NetHunt takes the hard work out of working hard, giving your business the time and money it needs.

Capture leads effortlessly screen No lead falls through the cracks screen Data entry? Forget about it screen Sales Process screen
Capture leads effortlessly screen

Capture leads effortlessly

Add new leads automatically or with a click of a button, scrape lead data and pop it immediately into your CRM system.

No lead falls through the cracks screen

No lead falls through the cracks

Launch automatic email sequences to engage leads. Analyze campaign results by reviewing views, clicks, replies and adjust it for maximum effectiveness.

Data entry? Forget about it screen

Data entry? Forget about it

Create contacts at the click of a button from inbound emails; do the same from calls, chats, or social media like LinkedIn with native NetHunt CRM integrations.

Sales Process screen

Sales Process

Our Workflows feature moves leads along sales pipelines, creates a set of tasks for your team, assigns leads, updates CRM contacts, and much more!

More about sales automation

Centralize communication via different
channels in the  Gmail tab

Communicate with customers through multiple channels. Pull the data from every channel to NetHunt CRM automatically.

Tie customer emails
to CRM records

Being natively integrated with Gmail, NetHunt CRM allows you to connect email correspondence with the CRM record, send email campaigns in bulk, and analyse them.

Tie customer emails<br> to CRM records screen

Generate and talk to
leads on social media

Due to tight integration with LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger, you can unlock a fruitful channel of high-quality leads and add them to NetHunt CRM in a few clicks.

Generate and talk to<br> leads on social media screen

Give your prospects a call

Our integration with multiple telephony systems allows sales teams to make and receive calls, log calls, listen to recordings to adjust sales strategy, and control your team's performance.

Give your prospects a call screen

Keep the history of
message exchange

Add another lead generation channel to your stack. Connect conversations with customers through messengers like Facebook or Telegram and offer a better conversational experience.

Keep the history of<br> message exchange screen

Create new sales
opportunities from chats

Don’t miss a chance to convert chat conversations on the website into sales pipeline opportunities. Store every piece of communication under the customer record.

Create new sales<br> opportunities from chats screen
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What are people saying about us

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Ludovic Deage logo

x5 New clients in 2 years

“With the combination of email automation and being able to see the stage of every lead in the pipeline, we can generate up to 25 more high-quality leads per month.”

Ludovic Deage photo

Ludovic Deage

Growth Marketing Manager

Sergey Schelkov logo

+45% SQLs with Nethunt’s Workflows

“With NetHunt, we have a hand on the pulse of exactly what is happening in our leads’ worlds, which channels bring us revenue and where we are losing opportunities in our pipeline.”

Sergey Schelkov photo

Sergey Schelkov

Sales Executive

Paul Jansen logo

x3 Response rate in less than 3 month

“I have worked with and implemented some of the best CRM systems available over the past two decades and this is by far the simplest and fastest to use..”

Paul Jansen photo

Paul Jansen


Oliver Keplinger logo

More accurate sales forecasting

“We can forecast sales by different parameters –towards the whole team or one sales rep, or broken down per various time periods, per product, and more.”

Oliver Keplinger photo

Oliver Keplinger

Managing Director

Jérôme Hérard logo

Increased pipeline visibility

I can say for sure that we need it and only NetHunt, nothing else. I do not want another window on my computer, I want it to be linked with my Gmail and it is perfect and simple.

Jérôme Hérard photo

Jérôme Hérard

Founding Partner

Chris Lewis logo

Saved money and time

It turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. It saves me a lot of money and time with custom workflows.

Chris Lewis photo

Chris Lewis

President at Massive Property Group

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