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Sales Discovery Calls Checklist

Be prepared for the most important call in the sales cycle

Discovery calls have more impact on whether a deal closes or not than a closing call. So, it’s essential to nail those if you want to close more deals. Luckily for you, you came across this checklist. It’ll make the preparation for the call more productive.


What’s inside?

  • Breakdown of discovery call process

    If you want your discovery call to be successful, you can’t dive head-first directly into the call. There’s a lot of groundwork you need to do before dialling the number. Find out action items before, during, and after the discovery call.

  • 22 steps of a successful discovery call

    From doing the company and prospect’s research to sending a follow-up email after the discovery sales call - we cover everything in our checklist. Tick all the lines as ‘done’ and finally get that promised “talk to you next week” from a lead.

  • Cheatsheet before the discovery call

    Sales discovery calls help sales reps to qualify prospects and present their product as a solution to prospects’ pains. We want to make sure you come prepared.

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