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The Gmail Book: How to turn Gmail into a sales management tool

Learn how to Gmail your way to sales leader success

If you’re using Gmail to just send and receive emails... you’re doing it wrong. These days, Gmail is so much more than just an email service provider. It’s jam-packed with features to help run your business and manage your sales team. We reveal and explain all of them in this book. Push the Gmail boundaries and reach for higher business heights.


What’s inside?

  • How to keep your Gmail secure

    In our book, you’ll learn how to delegate account access to third parties safely, review the usage of your account, and make sure that no unwanted third-party apps are using your account or stealing your data.

  • Tips to organize Gmail inbox

    You’ll learn all sorts, from advanced search operators for CRM-like customer context, to advanced email filtering. Afterwards, you’ll learn how to create data-backed tasks and calendar events at the click of a button.

  • How to automate your sales in Gmail

    This book teaches your sales team how to automate your bulk emailing process using only Gmail’s native functionality. Learn the secrets of segmenting your audience, creating email templates, Gmail mail merge, sending the emails and tracking results.

Book pages

Insight for everyone

Learn how to run a sales team right out of Gmail - how to secure and organize data, automate business processes, and ultimately grow on the world’s favourite email platform.

CEOs and Business Owners icon

CEOs and Business Owners

Take control of Gmail for your business. In this book, we’ll show you how to expand Gmail’s functionality and use it as fuel to grow your business, with clean and reliable data, visualised sales pipelines, automated workflow sequences, and automated reporting. Gmail is a free tool to use, so it saves your budget while giving additional superpower.

Sales executives icon

Sales executives

Improve productivity of your sales team without adding new tools to your tech stack. Gmail’s native features allow you to organize the database for your team, automate data entry, segment the audience for personalized communication, and much more. Sales reporting is difficult to do within Gmail, however, we’ll tell you the secret with NetHunt CRM.

Sales representatives icon

Sales representatives

The days of sales reps are busy with cold outreach, negotiations, and closing the deals. Gmail can save up a lot of time for sales reps. It helps to prioritize emails, create email templates to speed up the response time, send mass email campaigns to reach out to more potential buyers, and create tasks out of emails to never forget a thing associated with the deal.

Marketing teams icon

Marketing teams

Gmail’s native functionality can also boost the productivity of your marketing team. Organize your email list, schedule sends for the time with the highest probability of being open and set up a canned response for faster replies. Gmail has the functionality to remind you about sending a follow-up email, personalizing emails, and sending emails in bulk.

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