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CRMiUM is a pioneering multi-system integrator that offers a wide range of services, including CRM system selection, implementation, consultation, and ongoing support for CRM, ERP, and HRM solutions.

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“CRMiUM — Personalized solutions. Seamless integration. Exceptional support.”

CRMiUM stands as the pioneering multi-system integrator for CRM, ERP, and HRM solutions. Their wide-ranging services encompass the selection of CRM systems, implementation, consultation, and continuous support. With a comprehensive approach, CRMiUM ensures a seamless experience throughout your CRM journey, from initial selection to ongoing assistance.

CRMiUM takes a refreshing approach as an integrator by not enforcing a specific CRM system. Instead, they prioritize selecting the CRM solution that best fits your business objectives. Their philosophy is simple: “Eliminate the unnecessary, focus on what matters.”

At CRMiUM, they pride themselves on being experienced business analysts and consultants. Their dedicated team will guide you through the process by providing initial recommendations, setting priorities, and streamlining your business operations through automation.

Official NetHunt CRM partner since November 2022.

CRMiUM's services for implementing NetHunt CRM include:

  • Audit of current business processes.
  • CRM workspace setup along with integrations.
    • Integration with SMS services.
    • Integration with messenger aggregation services (Telegram/Viber/Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp).
    • Integration with your landing pages or websites.
    • Integrations with Worksection/Notion.
    • Integration with payment systems (creating payments from CRM, recording customer payment confirmation in the deal card).
  • General settings.
    • Transferring UTM tags from the website to the CRM system.
    • Payment calendar setup.
  • Team onboarding and training.
  • Ongoing support throughout the CRM journey.

Service packages

Full-cycle NetHunt CRM setup

For those who want to delegate implementation to professionals and get a functional CRM system.

NetHunt support and development

For companies looking to continually improve their processes.

NetHunt administration "outsourcing"

Assistance for companies that have already implemented NetHunt CRM and want to support data cleanliness and reliability.

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Customers that trust CRMiUM with CRM implementation

Customers who have already benefited from CRMiUM's expertise in implementing CRM systems...

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