Mass Mailing & Open Tracking

Your client database keeps growing together with your business and it gets harder to email all of them. If you were wondering how to send a mass email on Gmail, NetHunt CRM got you covered! Now you can reach hundreds of your clients with a single message using the Gmail mass email capabilities of NetHunt CRM!

Powerful Mass Mailing from Gmail

Send bulk emails

One-click address extraction from Records lets you easily build and save a Mass Mailing list. NetHunt CRM adds a powerful Gmail mass mailing software to send important announcements, newsletters or promos for your clients.

Get into their Primary inbox

Tired of your hand-crafted newsletters and offers not getting a read or response? Maybe it's because the tool you're using sends emails to the Promotion tab (or even SPAM) where they're ignored. NetHunt delivers messages where they will be seen!

Add a personal touch

Stop sending faceless emails like "To whom it may concern" or "Dear sir/madam". Mail Merge adds a recipient name, address and other info that's available in the Record to send personalized Mass emails in Gmail.

High speed sending

Hundreds of emails hit their targets in a minute... or even faster. Start sending mass email from Gmail and get instant results.

Import to other mass mailing service

Exporting your clients data to a spreadsheet is easy with NetHunt CRM. You can use it with any other mass email sender for Gmail.

Know the results with Open Tracking

When sending mass emails from Gmail, make sure that everyone on the list has received and opened it. NetHunt CRM provides you with the Email Tracking option to see who has opened the email and whom you should Follow Up later.

Get a fair advantage

Email Tracking is a one-sided and silent procedure. When you send a bulk email from Gmail, only you know that the message is being tracked — the recipient does not.

NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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