Email 360-Degree View

Context is king. Without it, a message from your client, an order from your customer or a bug report from your software user is just that - a plain text. NetHunt CRM puts emails in context, providing a 360-degree overview of your deals and customers.

Client info at your fingertips

Get in context

Your company might have a history of dealing with a particular client. If there's information about that client in NetHunt Records, it will be displayed right next to the email you’ve just received.

Immediately see sender info

What deals your company previously had with the sender? How successful were they? Anything important to consider about the customer? Even if you weren't on the original email thread, you'll get the information about the person you're about to reply to.

Keep your team up to date

Adding the new customer information to existing Records is lightning fast. Link an email to a Record and enter the new data using the sidebar. New data will be instantly available to every Record users.

Do everything in one window

NetHunt CRM makes all the client data available in the same Gmail tab. No more switching between different apps and databases to check or update it.

Leave Notes

If some information doesn't fit into any of the fields, you can either add a new field or use Notes. NetHunt CRM Records have a Notes field to type your observations or memos, save links and add flags.

Create a client database

You can dedicate a separate Folder for your client database. This will keep your business Records uncluttered while making the data easy to navigate and to search through.

Never lose an email

Records are used to store every email related to a deal. This allows you to momentarily find all the associated emails, check their content and extract the necessary data.

Automatic email sorting

New email threads from regular clients can be added to the corresponding Records. NetHunt CRM performs sorting by client name or by their company email address.

Track email opening

Email Tracking displays whether the recipient has received your email, but has not responded to it. Decide on how to Follow Up based on this information.

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