CRM for Contracts

In many areas of business, winning a deal is only the first step to gaining profit. Long-term service companies (like legal or construction) provide their services to a client during a certain period of time. Even in retail trade, you need to keep track on warranties for the purchased goods. This is what contracts are for. They become a set of rules for both parties in their relations. And in order for you not to breach them, a convenient tool is needed.

Less drafting, more signing

Sales, accounting and legal may be different departments inside your company, so having different organizational systems makes sense. At least at first. But what if these departments usually deal with the same customers and the same data but only on the different stages of a deal? It becomes obvious that a single unified system would be more cost effective. After all, making a mistake during or after signing a contract might lead your company to costly legal proceedings. By sharing data across systems, instead of retyping it, companies improve data accuracy and reduce the risk of costly errors.

Contract data often overlaps with the data inside a CRM. This may include your product data, customers, partners, services, etc. When your CRM allows you to store and link the relevant data with contract details, the workflow of many departments associated with it becomes significantly smoother. It's important to get the most information as fastest as possible. And when that information appears at your hands exactly where you're working, there are fewer chances of making a mistake. NetHunt CRM provides an array of means for incorporating your contract data into the CRM system and accessing it when it's most needed.

With NetHunt CRM you can

Get the most accurate customer profile

Is this a new client or somebody you’ve previously worked with? Can’t actually remember? That’s what a CRM system is for. A good CRM allows you to search for the client database for a match. The best CRM does that for you automatically. NetHunt CRM displays all of the contacts data associated with the client, providing the most detailed overview.

Keep track on agreements

With detailed CRM Records, you can keep track of customer agreements and product purchase history alongside your email correspondence. Maintain a detailed record of all the products and services you’ve provided to a customer. Quickly check the serial number, status, purchase or installation dates, the type and duration of warranty to ensure a positive customer experience.

Easily find what matters

Electronic documents have several significant advantages over the paper ones. For starters, they are searchable, allowing you to find the necessary data. But when they are also actionable, grouping, segmenting and sorting the contacts becomes a breeze. With the advanced search functionality of NetHunt CRM, you can group all your company contracts by any field there is and find an answer to each “who”, “when” or “how much”.

Keep up with the renewals

You're no less interested in the renewal of the contact you have with a client than the client himself. It's easy to monitor the expiration date of the contact for each client you have in NetHunt CRM. Quickly pull out a requisite Record using Search or group all your contacts by expiration date to address the nearest ones. Set a Follow-Up reminder to renew the contract in time.

Manage contracts and warranties

When you use Records for storing contract details, it becomes easier to verify, update, and manage them for everyone involved in the process. Control license registration process and manage contracts with the suppliers or distributors. Get an immediate access to all time-sensitive information such as expiration dates and stay prepared for your clients' warranty-related issues.

Draft contacts

There is no point in manually replacing clients' data in each standard contract. Generate a contract using a contract template and a customer Record inside NetHunt CRM. With a powerful third-party services integration, you can export the contract details and use them to conveniently draft a contract.

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