NetHunt CRM Comparison

Learn the advantages of NetHunt CRM and how it stacks up against similar solutions.

NetHunt CRM Software Alternatives

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Top reasons to choose NetHunt over other CRM systems

Full Gmail Integration

Unlike most CRM systems which exist as a separate app or service, NetHunt CRM fully integrates with your Gmail inbox. You don't need to switch between browser tabs to check or update your client data - everything is available right from inside your inbox.

Unique Price Offer

One of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) CRM solution on the market. Combine this with the fact, that there are no feature limitations in NetHunt and you get the best value for your money.

Kanban-style Pipelines

A pipeline is one of the best visual representations of your sales process. Drag-and-drop customer or lead records by stages. Group, sort, and segment your contacts by any parameter imaginable.

Fits any Business

CRM system isn't only for sales. NetHunt is highly flexible and customizable so it can also be used for project and task management, customer and tech support, real estate and consulting, marketing, and whatever start-up idea you have.

NetHunt CRM is the Best Small and Medium Business CRM System for Gmail and Google Apps

NetHunt CRM fits any business, any startup, any idea and every team!

NetHunt CRM for Sales

  • Create pipelines that work for you
  • Empower salespeople
  • Nurture and convert leads
  • More

NetHunt CRM for Marketing

  • Carry out email campaigns
  • Segment your leads 
  • Analyze your success 
  • More

NetHunt CRM for Customer Support 

  • Build a comprehensive client database 
  • Leverage unified information 
  • Streamline process 
  • More

NetHunt CRM for Retail 

  • Better understand your customers 
  • Efficiently manage orders
  • Enable precision marketing 
  • More

NetHunt CRM for HR

  • Manage the recruitment process  
  • Do ERM inside Gmail 
  • Easy leave management 
  • More

NetHunt CRM for Contracts 

  • Keep track on agreement 
  • Manage contracts and warranties 
  • Keep up with the renewals 
  • More

NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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