Business Records

You already have a CRM. You're using it every day. This CRM is Gmail. And NetHunt will help you shape it. Now you don't need to spend a lot of time and money to choose and set up a heavy dedicated CRM for your growing business.

Shaping Gmail into a CRM for your business

Organize emails into Records

Records are the CRM entries that contain emails, tasks, files, and other information. Anything can be represented as a Record — from a business deal to a customer support case.

Ready-made for YOUR business

Preset Record's Folder include a sales pipeline, a bug tracking service, a product catalog, and much more. If none of them fits, it's easy to create and customize your own Folder.

Fits any business, no matter the scale

NetHunt CRM works as a smart inbox organization tool for business of any kind and of any scale. The Records approach is universal. NetHunt CRM can be used by start-ups and enterprises alike in any area of business.

Agile Views

NetHunt CRM uses custom Grouping of Records by fields into the easy-to-operate Views. Display a pipeline, group by clients, services, tasks and anything that's relevant.

Collaborate using NetHunt

Share a Folder with your colleagues and make it immediately available to them. You can create a Record and assign it to the appropriate department or a person responsible for the current pipeline stage.

Control the pipeline

Use preset Folders or add a Stage field to any of your Records to create a pipeline. A View by Stages will give a quick overview of the pipeline, display your progress and show what to do next.

Easy as a Pie Chart

Convert your Records into diagrams that display your progress and business success. With a wide variety of available charts, you can present your work in an easy-to-read form.

Follow Up on your Emails

You can continue reaching out to your addressee when you've failed to receive a response. Set a reminder to follow up on your sent emails and keep the leads warm.

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Reach everyone fast with Mass Mail

Send personalized bulk emails in several clicks. Use Mass Mailing and Records to send newsletters, announcements, and promos to all your clients and subscribers.

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Get a 360 degree Customer View

Use Records to collect and view your customer data. Records can store existing emails, filter and add incoming ones, contain notes, flags, files, history and more.

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NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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