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What is NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a customer relationship management system for Gmail and Google Apps. It serves as a customizable system for organizing business processes and communications, letting you manage business without leaving the inbox.

The Idea

Google Apps is a great set of tools that many companies actively use and rely on. There are vast possibilities for business process and customer relationship management in it, but ultimately Google Apps needs to have a deeper integration and interconnection of data to fully replace a dedicated CRM system.

The goal of NetHunt CRM is to add a CRM system to Gmail that will connect the data and functionality of different Google Apps. NetHunt CRM will gather your emails, chat messages, documents, and calendar reminders into records to create a centralized hub for managing your business.

The Problems We Solve

When you decide to implement a CRM, a project management, an HR or a client support system for your business, it often entails a bunch of issues. For example, additional expenditures for the actual implementation of the system, staff training and the possibility that the system will not be adopted by your team. If at the same time you're using Google Apps, you'll get several ecosystems to maintain. You'll be copy-pasting data and will probably end up with duplicated or obsolete data.

NetHunt CRM gives you means of organizing all your communications, data and files into the easy-to-manage business entities within Google Apps. NetHunt is not a separate system to keep open in yet another browser tab. You'll be working inside a familiar and comfortable Google Apps ecosystem (Gmail, Calendar, Drive).

What NetHunt CRM does

Remember how in Google Drive you can gather Documents and Sheets in a single folder? You can collect files related to a client, but this approach covers only several types of files, leaving emails in Gmail, chat messages in Hangouts, reminders in Calendar and some handwritten notes in a notebook.

NetHunt CRM lets you collect everything related to a business entity inside a record. Each record is a lead, a support case, a job candidate, a customer or whichever business entity is relevant in your field. You can add emails or files to existing records or create new ones from within Google Apps. Then you can group these record, for example, by stages to represent them as a pipeline, by assignees to turn them into a project dashboard or by cities to send a mass mail to your segmented client base. Records and views are shareable to allow collaboration and keeping all teammates on the same page.

What is the Workflow

Consider working in NetHunt CRM as a three-step process.

  • Create

    After you've installed NetHunt CRM, you need to create a Folder by choosing your business. From there you can continue working as usual, but now you have a new hub for your data inside Gmail.

  • Fulfill

    Let’s say, you've received a support request email. You can immediately create a record based on that email, fill the record with the client data, attach other conversations, write some notes and forward it to your colleague to carry on with all information presented. You can attach documents, set reminders or appointments in Calendar, see a conversation history, and when you need a complete information about a person or a task, it's already gathered inside a single record.

  • Control

    Hundreds or thousands of records are not a deadweight archive. You can gather insight on your work processes, analyze the current situation or trends, segment clients and find the right data with advanced search capabilities.

What Makes NetHunt CRM Different

Many CRM systems have some form of integration with Google Apps. In most cases, it’s partial at best, while you’ll still be doing most of the work inside the CRM. Often CRM systems lack flexibility, making it difficult to customize and set for a type of business it wasn’t predesigned for.

From the start, NetHunt CRM was built for and around Google Apps. You’ll still be using Gmail, Docs or Calendar, but now, you’ll be able to check and update the CRM data without interrupting your workflow. NetHunt helps you to get into the context of a particular business deal, sales opportunity or other processes without sorting through tons of files across different services. You can customize almost every part of the records in NetHunt CRM to fit even the most unique requirements and workflows.


Price is one of the key pain-points of CRM systems that we want to solve. Every subscription plan of NetHunt CRM is based only on the number of users the way that the more users you have, the cheaper it becomes per person. What's important is that there are no feature limitations across the plans. No matter which subscription plan you choose, you’ll get access to everything that NetHunt CRM has to offer.

We also want to support small teams in startups and people who are trying to launch their business. So we’ve designed one of the most affordable solutions for small teams on the market. Also, a 14-day free trial period lets you decide whether NetHunt CRM is for you.

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The Story and People Behind NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM was founded to bring in some missing features of an actual CRM system and to make business management in Google Apps more complete and effective.

NetHunt CRM is a self-funded Kiev-based project lead by Andrei Petrik who has over 10 years of work experience at Invisible CRM. When his friends (and now co-founders) Alex and Sergey were trying out different CRM systems for their business, they’ve faced the harsh truth: employees simply did not fill the systems with data. It was partially because of the complexity of the CRM systems and their mediocre integration with Google Apps (mainly Gmail). Services that added CRM-like features to Gmail either missed important functionality or were priced too high.

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Press Kit

NetHunt CRM
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Company description
25 words:

NetHunt CRM is a simple and powerful online organization and process management system designed for Google Apps to make business management easier and more productive.

50 words:

NetHunt CRM is an organization and process management system for Google Apps. It helps you organize your business processes into the easy-to-manage and analyze Records available from Gmail. This allows you to manage and supervise sales, clients, project, support cases and other business activities within the familiar Google Apps ecosystem.

100 words:

NetHunt CRM is a service created for people who want to take a full advantage of the Google Apps ecosystem for their business. NetHunt conveniently collects all your business-related communications, files, and processes them into Records to manage and collaborate on them without leaving Gmail.

Instead of using a separate system for managing your sales, clients, projects or support cases, use the familiar features of Google Apps and the additional functionality of NetHunt CRM (mass mail, follow-ups, email tracking, analytics, mobile app) to achieve the best results in your business.

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