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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


Better alternative to Shared Inbox

Lost a context of conversation? Can’t find the required data at once?
It’s time for a change! Take control of your inbox and improve your
customer experience with NetHunt.

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Standard apps are far from perfect

Loss of context

As you share Gmail inbox with another user, they may easily lose track of conversation. The thing is they don’t have access to any contextual data from prior interactions or internal data sources.

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Risk of miscommunication

No clear separation of internal notes and external messages lead to total confusion among team members. They may forget about a follow-up or a task any time.

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Lack of personalization due to generic email address.

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Possible confusions and collisions between team members as they may answer the email simultaneously or wait for other specialists to respond to it.

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The team may lose essential data or attachment in an email thread.

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NetHunt is more
than just a shared inbox

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Stay in the context of any conversation

  • Access all customer data and correspondence in a couple of clicks with a CRM for inbox. Add notes to the conversations and log calls not to forget anything.
  • Quickly search through the CRM data for the right information.
  • Respond right from your inbox - no need to use other tools.
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Automate repetitive tasks

  • Automatically link all your customer conversations to their profiles.
  • Easily capture incoming messages, create leads or tickets, and assign them to a particular teammate. Being a great alternative to a Shared Inbox tool, NetHunt provides the entire Gmail CRM system with plenty of automation options.
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Improve your team work

  • Share an account among users or set up mail delegation in a few clicks.
  • Increase transparency and accountability around your team emails. Get insights to team’s performance and the results of email campaigns. If you want to create a Shared Inbox in Gmail, try NetHunt and benefit from advanced analytics and professional workflow.

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with NetHunt - a CRM for Gmail!

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