NetHunt vs Insightly vs Pipedrive

Explore a perfect Insightly and Pipedrive alternative!

NetHunt is the most effective business management tool for teams using Gmail and Google Apps.

NetHunt Insightly Pipedrive
Monthly price per 1 user
Subscription cost to the most popular plan.
$30 $59 $29
Monthly price per 5 users
Subscription cost to the most popular plan for a team of 5 users.
$150 $295 $145
CRM sidebar in Gmail
A browser extension will let you update CRM records without leaving the inbox.
Full Gmail inbox integration
Everything from the CRM is available from inside the inbox. No need to switch tabs.
Number of records
How many records a user can create within a month.
25 000 250 000 Unlimited
Drag-and-drop pipeline management
Grab a customer card or a record and move it to the next stage without manually updating field values.
Personalized mass mailing
Contact hundreds of your clients and leads with the personalized messages.
Email tracking
Learn if your message has been received. Who, where, and on what device has opened it.
Link Tracking
See how many clicks the links from your emails receive.
Generate reports to analyze data and understand results.
Follow-ups for emails and records
Set tasks and reminders for emails and records to contact your clients laters.
Advanced search and filtering
Find that one client even if you can’t recall almost anything about him.
iOS/Android app
Work on the go using a mobile app and keep your data synced.
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* Information effective April 27, 2018

Top reasons to choose NetHunt CRM as an alternative to Pipedrive CRM and Insightly CRM

Full Gmail Integration

When stacking Insightly vs Pipedrive, you'll notice that the systems have no or poor email integration. NetHunt CRM is a fully Gmail-based CRM system, letting you manage clients and deal without leaving the inbox.

Unique Price Offer

You won't see a giant price difference when weighting Pipedrive vs Insightly CRM. NetHunt is at least 4 times cheaper than either of the alternatives.

Kanban-style Pipelines

A pipeline is one of the best visual representations of your sales process. Pipedrive is build around this idea. When comparing Insightly CRM vs Pipedrive, you'll notice that NetHunt CRM presents a higher degree of customization and records flexibility.

Fits any Business

Build a workflow inside a CRM for any type of business. With it's level of customizability, NetHunt is the ultimate alternative to Pipedrive and Insightly CRM when you need the most adaptable system available.

Importing from Insightly or Pipedrive is easy

You don't have to lose your data when choosing NetHunt CRM as the Pipedrive or Insightly CRM alternative.

  • 1 Select the folder you want to export;
  • 2 Export data as a CSV file;
  • 3 Start creating new folder in NetHunt CRM;
  • 4 Choose "Import from CSV".

NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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