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A Complete Guide to LinkedIn for Sales

Tried and tested tips to achieve better social selling results

LinkedIn can be your business’s new best friend. Not only is it a place to build your profile, establish yourself as an industry expert, and learn from others in the industry; it’s also an unparalleled lead generation tool. It facilitates sales teams to find their precise target audience and interact with potential buyers.


What’s inside?

  • Checklist for LinkedIn profile

    We’ve gathered 20 tips for creating a trustworthy profile. Some of them are quick wins, some of them may take a bit longer to implement – but all of them will shape your LinkedIn profile for better social selling!

  • How to find leads on LinkedIn

    The LinkedIn sales process traditionally starts with finding leads for further nurturing activities. There are countless ways of searching for leads on LinkedIn; we share the most common ones in the guide.

  • Outreach tips for LinkedIn

    In the age of tight business competition, you want to maximize your chances of getting noticed. From finding your perfect lead to writing the first message that gets attention — we cover the full cycle.

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Valuable insight after reading the guide

We love LinkedIn as it allows reaching out to a sizable audience…for free. You’ll love it too as you’ll hook tons of valuable leads with the knowledge from our guide.

Why is LinkedIn perfect for social selling icon

Why is LinkedIn perfect for social selling

There are over 690 million users on LinkedIn. Still need more arguments? LinkedIn is built for networking; people expect to be sold to. Professional data you can find on the platform is unmatched in terms of lead potential. It helps better understand the audience, their current challenges, and your reasons to pitch.

LinkedIn outreach intricacies icon

LinkedIn outreach intricacies

You can only enjoy an increase in sales if your outreach message has a proper structure. Sending out a generic sales email to a list of cold LinkedIn leads is destined to doom. We want you to succeed, so we expose all the intricacies of LinkedIn outreach messaging and discuss the details you should know before crafting your pitch.

5 strategies of follow-up messages icon

5 strategies of follow-up messages

Don’t be upset if you don’t get a reply on your first try. Imagine how many prospecting messages decision-makers get every day. If you want your LinkedIn sales message to be effective, you need to plan your whole sequence ahead. Choose an appropriate outreach strategy and craft your follow-ups.

Why connect LinkedIn to CRM icon

Why connect LinkedIn to CRM

Interacting with leads on LinkedIn is fine, but is it enough to build long-lasting relations? Most probably, not. Having a CRM integrated with LinkedIn, you can create leads’ profiles in a few clicks and pull all available data directly to the record. Then, you can nurture those leads and move them down the funnel.

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