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The new release launched last week brought several major updates to email campaigns and fields management in NetHunt CRM. With the new features users now can:

  • Use their email campaign results to send follow-ups;
  • Allow their recipients to unsubscribe from sales and marketing emails;
  • Track unsubscribes and exclude unsubscribed contacts from their email campaigns;
  • Increase the quality of CRM data by adding fields that are required to fill in.

NetHunt team keeps working on our CRM for Gmail all the time.  The product roadmap that we’re using contains improvements, as well as the brand new features to make your CRM experience more smooth, efficient, and productive.  Once or twice a month, we release major product updates along with the newsletter that introduces all the amendments. Starting with this post, you will also be able to find NetHunt product updates with links to all the…

Hello everyone! Material Design 2.0 is the hottest and latest trend introduced by Google not that long ago. You might have seen it’s UI and UX potential in the news Tasks app or, more importantly, the new Gmail. To keep up with this trend, we’ve recently updated NetHunt CRM to be fully compatible with the new Gmail. However, it was only the tip of an iceberg. Today we’re happy to introduce a remade from the grounds…