The new year is upon us, and our team worked hard last month to bring you some new and exciting features. Automated workflows are now easier to make than ever, WhatsApp interactions have been greatly simplified for your comfort, and new fields can now be made in a breeze. Additionally, our CRM with WhatsApp integration ensures seamless communication with your clients.

Additionally, there are some new security updates regarding Google's new email campaign rules that we would like to inform you about. Before we get into all that, however, let’s talk about feedback for a second…

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Back to the updates. Now, you can:

📌Copy steps in automated workflows

Suppose you need to create a step in a Workflows that is similar to another one, with just one field difference? Well, now you can do it with ease. Simply copy a previously configured automation step. It's all about convenience and speed!

Copy steps in automated workflows in NetHunt CRM
Copy steps in automated workflows in NetHunt CRM

📌 Open phone numbers in WhatsApp to initiate a conversation

Want to strike up a WhatsApp conversation with your new prospect? Simply click on their phone number within a CRM record to start engaging immediately.

Open phone numbers in WhatsApp
Open phone numbers in WhatsApp

📌 Conveniently copy fields

Now when you want to duplicate a field, the new field comes with a numerical indicator, ensuring clarity and order within your processes.

Fields copying in NetHunt CRM

🌐 Adhering to Google's Latest Email Recommendations

Starting February 2024, Google has implemented new security requirements concerning email campaigns. These changes are aimed at combating spam email campaigns sent through Gmail.

The most significant change is the need to authenticate via SPF, DKIM, and DMARC when sending more than 5000 emails daily, as well as offer receivers an easy way to unsubscribe from receiving further emails from that sender. These changes concern users who rely on the NetHunt CRM SMTP to send out their emails through campaigns or automations.

If you’re a NetHunt CRM user, we recommend the following:

  • Verify your business domain
  • Don’t send mass emails from email addresses ending in @gmail, unless they’re sent through Gmail’s native functionality.

👉 Find out more about these changes in our help center

We’ll see you soon with a new product update. For now, read our blog to brush up on essential skills before we release what we’ve been working on for so long 😉.

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