Step-by-step beginners guide on how to sell on eBay

Every year the number of online vendors increases at a swift rate. Currently, it is possible to buy and sell almost everything in the web including food, clothes, accessories, electronic equipment, vehicles, and real estate. In addition, if you want to become self-employed, there are several websites to sell stuff. As a rule, users choose the online marketplaces to sell and buy their products. This article is dedicated to the most famous online trading platform which exists since 1995.

Nowadays, eBay is a multinational corporation engaged in online sales. is the website where one can buy and sell a broad range of products and services around the globe. According to the latest statistical data, the total number of the eBay’s active users exceeds 169 million.

If you decided to join this community of sellers, the following step-by-step guide will provide you the essential information about the procedures of registration, verification, posting and selling goods, as well as other useful data. So, learn the following tips and start selling on eBay.

Table of contents

  1. Choose Your Marketplace
  2. Set Up Your Business Account
  3. Get Verified
  4. Decide on a Good Account Name
  5. Set Up Your Store Page
  6. Add an About Me Page to Your Store
  7. Set Up Your Payment Method
  8. Build Your Reputation by Buying a Few Small Items
  9. Optimize Product Titles & Descriptions
  10. Choose the Right Category Listing
  11. Add Good Photos
  12. Run a Quick Price Research
  13. Calculate the Total Price
  14. Choose Your Price Model
  15. Clearly Outline Your Terms and Conditions, Shipping Policy, Warranty, and Guaranty
  16. Develop a Listing Schedule
  17. Double-Check Everything and Press Publish Button
  18. Start Marketing Your Products
  19. Feed the Frenzy
  20. Develop a Specialty
  21. Advertise Other Listings in Your Product Description
  22. Monitor Your Competition
  23. Consider Shipping and Storage Logistics

Choose Your Marketplace

As we mentioned, eBay is a multinational company providing services in different regions and languages. Before selling on eBay you should make a decision which version of eBay to choose – localized or international. The international version is the all-known website with the USD as the payment currency. The localized version narrows the selling opportunities to a particular region like or and uses the other currencies.

The local eBay is recommended for the beginners in order to feel the market and the demand for the products. Nevertheless, many users choose the international version to sell things on eBay and achieve great results.

Set Up Your Business Account

eBay allows creating two types of accounts – business and personal. The business account is recommended for the users who plan to run a regular selling activity. This type of account offers various benefits and opportunities for the promotion of business and sales.

To set up a business account you need to fill out the following fields – legal business name, legal business email, password, and legal business phone.

Get Verified

The verification procedure by eBay is aimed at providing trust between a seller and a buyer. The verification is required to pass through the various limits set to the new sellers. The cost of eBay ID verification is $5.

After the verification, a seller receives a verification mark that demonstrates your credibility to the buyers. To complete the verification a user needs to submit the personal information including the name, date of birth, details of credit accounts, and a driver license.

The verification process is rather fast and is performed through Verisign within a couple of minutes.

Decide on a Good Account Name

The name of your account is your name on eBay. Actually, a good name shows a trustworthiness of a user and attracts a customer’s attention. Try to choose a catchy account name to allure more customers. Be creative in choosing the name and this creativity will bring fruits in the future.

Set Up Your Store Page

Selling items on eBay can be performed as an individual vendor or a personalized store. The latter is usually recommended for those who sell numerous items and are aimed at the broad business. Hence, customize the page of your store according to the theme of your items or services. Thus, you will stand out amid your competitors.

Add an About Me Page to Your Store

The About Me page is designated to promote the sales. It is an HTML-based web space available for the eBay users. You may use this page for personal information but it is highly recommended to take advantage of the page as follows:

  • Improve the recognition of your brand by placing a company logo;
  • Add such essential information as the accepted payment methods, warranty policy, return policy, carrier, and contact information;
  • Place links to other items on sale on eBay;
  • Add links to reviews or feedbacks of your company.

To create the About Me page you need to click the “Community” button. Then follow to the “More Community Programs” section and click the “Create an About Me page” link.

You will be offered to enter an HTML code or create the About Me page using a step-by-step wizard.

Set Up Your Payment Method

Since eBay offers numerous payment options regarding of the type of goods or services on sale, we will review the methods of payment for the most categories of the listings.

The most common payment method on eBay is PayPal. Nevertheless, you may choose the merchant credit card option or the payment upon pickup. Selecting a payment method is performed upon listing an item for sale.

Build Your Reputation by Buying a Few Small Items

The reputation on eBay is the key factor to attract a customer’s attention. People prefer to choose the trustworthy vendors, so they may ship your offer if your eBay history is empty. Therefore, consider buying some items in order to increase your reputation and demonstrate your credibility. You may also ask a buyer to interchange the positive feedbacks upon your deal.

Optimize Product Titles & Descriptions

The title of your listing is limited to 80 words, so it is important to explain the product on sale. It is also advised to include up to three keywords in the title in order to get a higher search rank. The title should contain the name and the unusual attributes of the listing such as a rare color or a limited edition version.

To attract the customers’ attention, you may also use capitalized letters.

The description section allows you to describe the main attributes and characteristics of a listing. Try to include the most important keywords in the end and in the beginning of your description text. Besides, various styling options are available to make the description of your listing alluring.

Choose the Right Category Listing

It is important to locate your listing in the proper category to facilitate the customers’ search. You would not definitely search for a handbag in the category of electronic equipment, so be careful in selecting an appropriate category when placing an item.

Add Good Photos

The initial opinion on any product is a visual perception. In fact, when making purchases online our eyes play an important role in deciding what to buy. For this reason, the images of your listing must be qualitative and refined.

You may upload not more than 12 images, so make sure that all the photos are plausible. A photo of your item should reveal its benefits but also not to hide its flaws if present. It is also recommended to use some software tools to edit the photos of your listing.

Run a Quick Price Research

When you get to the section of setting a price, you have to know the market trend. It means that following the trend will increase your chances to sell an item.

Take your keywords and browse similar products and their prices. Based on the price range you can make a decision on the pricing of your listing. Besides, pay attention to the prices of the sold and unsold products. This fact will help you understand the price acceptability of a certain type of products.

Calculate the Total Price

The total price of your listing should consist of the price, shipping costs, and eBay seller’s fees. The shipping costs can be found on the website of the chosen carrier. The eBay fees are different depending on the type of a product on sale. A fee calculator is available for the eBay users to know the exact amount of the fees.

Choose Your Price Model

If you need to sell something on eBay, two price models are available at your choice. The first price model envisages a fixed price of your item. It has no time limits and is designated for a regular sale.

The second price model is an auction. A seller sets the minimal starting price and the time for an auction. The buyers offer their bids and compete for the item. The item will be sold to the bidder that offers the highest price within the set time limit.

Clearly Outline Your Terms and Conditions, Shipping Policy, Warranty, and Guaranty

We have mentioned that the information about the warranty policy, shipping policy, and other relevant data is recommended to be included in the About Me page. It is up to you where to place this essential info but it is a must if you want to successfully sell on eBay. All these terms and conditions prove your credibility and build the reputation of your store.

Develop a Listing Schedule

Some products are sold better in a specific period. For example, some hand-made products are better to sell before the holidays. Therefore, it is advised to pay attention to the time of the sale of a particular listing to create a listing schedule. The regular buyers of your products will know the time of posting new releases that will result in better sale performance.

Double-Check Everything and Press Publish Button

You start selling online as soon as you click the “Publish” button. Make sure that you have not missed a thing. Verify your title, description, photos and other essential information. Pay attention to the lack of spelling or typing mistakes that can scare off the customers.

If ready, click the button. It is also highly recommended to share the post of your listing on the social networks.

Start Marketing Your Products

Do not neglect the marketing procedures. Even the vendors with a plenty of regular buyers do care about the promotion of their listings. Use the social networks, play with the keywords and deploy other promotion tools to achieve the best results.

Feed the Frenzy

This marketing trick suits to the auction sales. It lies in offering a low bid price without a reserve. This method should involve the interest of numerous buyers that will get drawn into a bidding frenzy. A thirst to win will overcome the need for a listing. Such bidding war can bring the larger dividends to the vendor than expected.

Develop a Specialty

It is about finding your niche of products. To gain success in the sales on eBay requires not only a simple sale of products but also a creative approach to the trading activity. If you create or sell something special and unique, you will lead the market and make your rules. It is a challenge to face numerous competitors offering similar items, and it is an extensive area of opportunities in a spare niche.

The key factor of a successful sale is to attract as many customers as possible. Perhaps, a listing may not be of a great interest to a customer, but some other listing may provoke its concernment. Add the information about similar listings or accessories to the description of your items. This marketing advice will help you generate more customers and increase your sales.

Monitor Your Competition

The competitors are not only the obstruction to your sales but also a trigger. You may play on the flaws of your competitors and turn them to your advantage. Monitoring the strategies and sales of your competitors is highly recommended to learn the market situation and to make the appropriate responses.

Consider Shipping and Storage Logistics

The positive feedbacks and reputation are built on your relations with the customers. When your listing is sold, you need to send it as soon as possible. For this reason, you should be aware of the shipping policy and terms of your carrier in order to provide a distinct information about the shipping to your customer. It is highly important for international logistics that takes more than a week to deliver a listing.

Now you are aware of how to sell on eBay and prepared to start your selling activities. Be purposeful and you will achieve your goal.

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