Looking for a better alternative than Pipedrive? Here are seven ideas.

Pipedrive has simple design and effective sales CRM features. But it might not suit everyone. Some companies find that Pipedrive can't customize enough for their unique processes. Some report slow support.

If these issues resonate with you, it’s worth exploring other CRM systems, especially Pipedrive competitors.

We're covering the best Pipedrive alternatives in this article.

They fit different business sizes and industry needs. Each CRM system has strengths and potential drawbacks. You'll surely find the one that fits your company best. Let's go!

Based on our findings, here's an overview of the best Pipedrive alternatives:

  • NetHunt CRM — Best overall choice
  • Monday CRM — Best up-and-coming
  • Salesmate — Great accounting integration
  • Nutshell CRM — Ease of use
  • Streak CRM — Great Gmail integration
  • HubSpot CRM — Scalability
  • Zoho CRM — Affordable pricing

Why is the business looking for Pipedrive alternatives?

Many sales teams rely on Pipedrive CRM. But, as the market offers better options, its limitations are becoming clearer. Businesses feel constrained by Pipedrive's features. Some of the most common limitations we've heard are:

Lack of flexibility. Pipedrive only has a set of predefined CRM objects. If they don't align with your business model, adapting the CRM to your needs might be a challenge. Also, only the costliest plans let you create required fields and customise them according to your needs.

Limited automation features. Pipedrive offers sales automation features, but they may not be as robust as some companies need. If your company wants to automate a complex process, you might want to look for a Pipedrive competitor.

Pricing. Pipedrive's pricing is quite straightforward if you compare it with some other solutions on the market. We're looking at you, big enterprise CRMs. Still, this CRM has some essential 'modules' for which you'll need to pay extra money.

1. NetHunt CRM — The ultimate Pipedrive alternative

NetHunt CRM — a CRM that lives in your Gmail inbox and an ultimate Pipedrive competitor
NetHunt CRM — a CRM that lives in your Gmail inbox and an ultimate Pipedrive competitor

NetHunt CRM is a versatile Pipedrive competitor that natively integrates with your Gmail inbox.

Since 2015, NetHunt CRM has gained a loyal following and steady popularity. It has earned this recognition through numerous awards, recommendations, and positive feedback. Additionally, it consistently passes the Google Security Assessment every year.

With impressive ratings of 4.7 on G2 and 4.8 on Capterra, NetHunt CRM has cemented itself as a solid industry participant.

NetHunt CRM is a robust and adaptable cloud-based CRM. It offers great email service integration capabilities and seamlessly fits into your email environment. This helps you organize processes efficiently,  automate, and expand your business operations —all without having to switch between tabs.

NetHunt CRM works great for sales, customer support, customer success, and marketing teams. The system's versatility allows you to tailor it to meet business requirements. It has a wide array of functionality:

  • Advanced contact management to organize and categorize contacts
  • Management and visualization of multiple sales pipelines
  • Team collaboration tools, including tasks, mentions, and shared databases
  • Comprehensive email marketing tools such as mass emailing, tracking, custom SMTP, templates, and analytics
  • Integrations for lead generation with LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and Intercom
  • Zapier integration for connecting NetHunt CRM with preferred tools
  • Sales automation features for lead capture, task allocation, and alerts
  • Drip campaigns for lead nurturing
  • Reporting tools for generating various reports
  • Compatibility with other Google services, including Contacts, Data Studio, Calendar, Drive, and Chat

NetHunt CRM takes pride in both its dedicated development and customer success teams, which continually work to enhance the platform's functionality. The management team is receptive to feedback and ready to explore new features that could improve the product, encouraging users to reach out with any requests or suggestions. Here are a couple more things on why you should choose NetHunt CRM.

Advantages of NetHunt CRM:

  • Offers a comprehensive CRM system that integrates well with your email inbox
  • Features extensive sales automation tools, including automated lead capture and data management
  • Provides robust email marketing tools, including mass emailing and tracking capabilities
  • Advanced contact management with features like duplicate prevention
  • Allows for the creation and management of multiple sales pipelines directly within your email provider
  • Highly customizable to suit any organizational need
  • User-friendly with an intuitive interface
  • Quick and easy to set up with a shallow learning curve
  • Supported by a responsive and helpful customer success team

Limitations of NetHunt CRM:

  • The mobile app's functionality is less comprehensive than its desktop counterpart
  • Some more sophisticated features are exclusive to Business and Advanced plan subscribers
  • Basic level of reporting functionality
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2. Monday CRM

Monday CRM — a Pipedrive alternative
Monday CRM — a Pipedrive alternative

Don't be surprised if you’ve seen Monday CRM pop up recently. This CRM suite has been making waves in the industry these past few months, and there’s a good reason for that. Monday.com stands out as an innovative alternative to Pipedrive CRM, thanks to its ability to integrate your company's sales operations and resources into a cohesive ecosystem. This ecosystem is known as Monday Work OS.

Monday.com has quickly made its mark with a comprehensive suite of features.

These include an efficient system for managing leads, detailed tracking of customer interactions, and the ability to monitor team activities closely. Additionally, it offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. You can automate your sales processes and streamline workflows with Monday. It also features powerful project management capabilities.

The platform is accessible on the go with a convenient mobile app. It also enhances marketing efforts with advanced email marketing tools and lead-scoring functionality which makes it one of the best alternatives to Pipedrive.

Pros of Monday CRM:

  • Easy to use and easy to implement
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offers a high degree of customization, including customizable dashboards
  • Performance tracking capabilities are a step above the usual
  • Great workflow automation functionality

Cons of Monday CRM:

  • The file management system can’t handle some file formats
  • Dashboard customization options might not suit all businesses
  • Lacks some basic contact management features like duplicate management

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3. Salesmate

Salesmate — a Pipedrive alternative for SaaS companies
Salesmate — a Pipedrive alternative for SaaS companies

A CRM similar to Pipedrive, Salesmate helps automate business processes with features for every department in a company. Salesmate also features multiple integrations with other tools from your tech stack.

By the way, we've also written an article about the differences between Salesmate and Pipedrive — so take a look!

Pros of Salesmate:

  • 15-day free trial
  • Affordable pricing
  • Several native integrations with third-party apps
  • Zapier integration
  • Quickbook integration helps keep up with accounting

Cons of Salesmate:

  • Reports are sometimes difficult to interpret
  • Daily send limit for email campaigns
  • No mobile app is available

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4. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM — a Pipedrive alternative with a straightforward user interface
Nutshell CRM — a Pipedrive alternative with a straightforward user interface

Nutshell CRM is acclaimed for its straightforward but potent interface. This quality is precious for companies focusing on efficiency and an optimal user experience. Being an important alternative to Pipedrive CRM, the platform perfectly balances sales and marketing needs, offering various features. This equilibrium is particularly advantageous for SMBs, where collaboration between sales and marketing is crucial for generating in, converting, and retaining customers.

Nutshell also features robust email marketing capabilities. Its tools help foster leads, engage customers, and decrease churn rates.

Pros of Nutshell CRM:

  • Easy to navigate; intuitive interface
  • Has a short learning curve
  • Budget-friendly CRM with a limited Gmail integration
  • Advanced email marketing functionality, including bulk emailing, sequences, segmentation, and tracking
  • Fast and professional support from the customer service department
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Sales automation

Cons of Nutshell CRM:

  • Lacks native integrations
  • Not as customizable as competitors
  • No bulk contact deletion
  • Limited mobile app functionality
  • Can't create new records from emails

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5. Streak CRM

Streak — a Pipedrive alternative that integrates with Gmail
Streak — a Pipedrive alternative that integrates with Gmail

Streak is the second CRM like Pipedrive on this list that boasts full-scale integration with Gmail. Streak can handle various business processes like sales, deal flow, partnerships, and hiring. Although not the best option for lightweight CRM solutions, it’s a top competitor.

Pros of Streak CRM

  • Offers a free version
  • Native Gmail integration
  • Amazing email marketing functionality
  • Smooth learning curve
  • Works on mobile
  • Integrates with Zapier

Cons of Streak CRM:

  • Doesn't allow you to import data directly
  • Mail merge is limited to 400 emails per day
  • One sales pipeline per project limit
  • Doesn't offer automation
  • Doesn’t offer integrations with LinkedIn and WhatsApp
  • Missing lead generation features
  • No lead nurturing features

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6. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM, a Pipedrive alternative you've probably heard about
HubSpot CRM, a Pipedrive alternative you've probably heard about

A CRM list is only truly complete with HubSpot on it. It is not just a Pipedrive competitor. This CRM system is a  titan of the industry; an excellent solution for businesses that have outgrown Pipedrive scale-wise and need a CRM that can support hundreds of users in the same workspace.

Compared to most alternatives to Pipedrive CRM, a neat benefit of HubSpot is that it has a free — albeit very limited — version. This tier is an excellent opportunity to get used to this CRM suite without having to make a paid commitment first. However, it’s important to note that smaller-scale businesses might find HubSpot to be “too big” for their needs and processes. It's much like the next entry on this list.

Pros of Hubspot CRM:

  • A basic free plan is available
  • Lots of integrations with third-party tools and apps
  • Robust sales automation functionality
  • Email marketing functionality like tracking, templates, and bulk emailing
  • Canned snippets
  • Contact management functionality
  • Reporting functionality

Cons of Hubspot CRM:

  • The free version is very limited in functionality
  • Customisation is rather limited
  • Creating contacts inside deals is fidgety according to some user reviews
  • Takes rather long to learn how to use the CRM

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7. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM — a Pipedrive alternative for enterprise
Zoho CRM — a Pipedrive alternative for enterprise

Since the beginning of their journey back in 1996, Zoho CRM has built a goliath of a CRM suite. But why take our word for it when enterprise businesses worldwide already use this CRM suite for their day-to-day operations Just because a lot of companies use something doesn’t mean it’s the best alternative for people looking to jump ship from Pipedrive.

Zoho CRM is an extensive CRM system, and that size comes with a lot of hassle. Being slower, more confusing, and more overpowering than any other CRM on this list, there are better choices for SMBs. Zoho CRM was built with enterprises in mind and requires a whole team of people whose only job is ensuring nothing breaks down.

If you’re a business with 50+ users sharing an environment, Zoho might be a good fit. Otherwise — you might want to skip this entry.

Pros of Zoho:

  • Amazing customer support available 24/7
  • Some features are AI-driven
  • A selection of features so vast you might not use all of them
  • Scales well with the growth of your business, from a small team all the way to 500+ users
  • Robust reporting functionality
  • Surprisingly affordable for an enterprise-level CRM
  • Integrations with third-party tools from your tech stack

Сons of Zoho:

  • Customization is lagging behind the times
  • Level of integration with some essential tools is more limited than competitors
  • Some users report the interface being confusing
  • A steep learning curve
  • You will experience an unprecedented amount of lag if many users are making changes to data at the same time
  • AI features are only available to advanced tiers
  • The selection of features is so vast you might get overwhelmed by them

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The best Pipedrive alternatives: A side-by-side comparison

We've covered seven Pipedrive CRM alternatives in detail; now let's see how these CRM systems compare with each other in their pros and cons.




NetHunt CRM

Best overall choice
Integrates with Gmail
Extensive sales and email marketing tools

Mobile app less comprehensive than web-app
Advanced features limited to higher plans

Monday CRM

Innovative integration of sales operations
Easy to use and customize
Powerful project management

Limited file management
Lacks some basic contact management features


Good accounting
Zapier integration

Limited report clarity
No mobile app

Nutshell CRM

User-friendly interface
Advanced email marketing tools

Limited native integrations
Not highly customizable

Streak CRM

Native Gmail integration
Free version available
Good for various business processes

Limited import and automation capabilities
One pipeline per project

HubSpot CRM

Free plan available
Extensive integrations and sales automation
Good for large teams

Free version has limited functionality
Can be complex to learn

Zoho CRM

Scales well with business growth
Robust reporting
AI-driven features

Confusing interface for some
Customization and integration issues


The bottom line

There you have it! The list of the best Pipedrive alternatives. We’ve done our best to include solutions suited to big and small enterprises.

However, keep in mind that to choose a CRM system you'll need careful planning and consideration. Be sure to give the systems that interest you a shot. Start the free trial, give it a go for a week or two, and decide whether or not it’s something you’d want to move forward with.

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