Hi, everyone!

Today we’re announcing a big change to NetHunt CRM. Something we’ve been asked a lot and something we kept seeing requested by the community of Gmail users. To put it simply…

NetHunt launches a FREE CRM!

Free CRM for Gmail

Yes, you read that correct – from now on we’re introducing a special Free plan for NetHunt CRM users who want to get the benefits of customer management from inside Gmail without paying a cent.

NetHunt was originally designed as a simple and affordable system for growing businesses. Taking a page from Google’s book, we wanted to provide a business service which would be effective and extremely affordable. Hence our ‘Growing Business’ plan with 5 users/month for $25 was born – an offer basically unheard of on the CRM market.

But time after time we would receive feedback from people who were looking for a free solution. And that’s no surprise, especially if you’d be a sole user of the system. We want to help such people in their aspirations to start a path of a solopreneur or simply bring order to their email communication. The new Free plan of NetHunt CRM is fully dedicated to this idea.

What’s Included

Starting today, solopreneurs, freelancers and small teams up to 2 people can start using NetHunt CRM at no cost. This includes the full scope of the service, including the browser extension and iOS/Android apps.

Here’s what’s included in the Free plan:

  • Unlimited folders
  • Unlimited fields
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • 200 emails tracked per month
  • 200 links tracked per month
  • 200 emails sent via email campaigns per month

(For more details check out our updated Pricing page)

This way the core functionality of NetHunt CRM becomes fully available to a greater number of Gmail users.

Despite some limitations for free workspaces, you can faithfully represent your business and workflow as records, manage email correspondence in the context of your client relations, send personalized email campaigns to your connections and much more. All of that from the comfort of Gmail and free of charge.

This isn’t the only good news coming up. We’re preparing a number of new and improved features, so stay tuned for the updates!

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