Mobobeat is a mobile advertising network started in 2014, it has offices in Europe and Asia. Mobobeat works with top app developers and agencies, helping them promote their apps globally. When it comes to its publishers, Mobobeat boasts of getting the top conversion deals at a global level, with the best payouts. It also delivers the best targeting capabilities along with a real-time optimization engine to achieve the best ROI for all mobile campaigns, thus benefiting the publisher and advertiser.

We asked Tyrone D’Souza, Managing Director & Partner of Mobobeat, how NetHunt CRM is helping Mobobeat increase their sales productivity and dedicate more time to client management.

1. What features of NetHunt CRM is your team using?

Tyrone: The primary role of NetHunt consists in helping our sales team to move down in the pipeline and close more deals faster. NetHunt has multiple features to facilitate daily processes for lead generation and account management matters. The system allows us to communicate with leads and clients consistently, providing us with all of the information we need for our business.

We are using NetHunt primarily to manage our pipeline. Another two features that my team and I find very useful and convenient are email tracking and follow-ups. Our sales team is using these features for lead reach out. When sending mass emails using NetHunt mass mailing feature, we are able to track which emails were received and opened. This feature allows us to evaluate the interest of the recipient in our offer. Then, we schedule a follow-up to those recipients that haven’t opened the initial email for some reason. These features allow us to automate our sales processes and save a lot of time.

2. Who is using NetHunt?

Tyrone: Currently our sales team consists of 15 managers which have incorporated NetHunt into their daily activities. Both sales managers and account managers are using the system to cover their outbound marketing activities. Along with this, our human resources team uses NetHunt CRM to manage the recruitment process and communicate with potential employees more effectively.

3. Which processes are covered by NetHunt?

Tyrone: With the help of NetHunt, we reach out to potential clients and then nurture them with follow-ups. It’s extremely easy to set follow-ups in NetHunt. Just a piece of my personal experience with our flag colors: red one I use for tasks that require my personal input, and blue ones – where I’m waiting for someone else to act. Dark to pale color intensity stands for higher/lower priority (dark/pale).

Since Potential employees are almost the same thing as the potential customers. We are also using NetHunt to manage the recruitment process. Their conversion process should be neatly organized and the data structured. With tools like follow-ups, calendar integration, and mass mailing, we are able to streamline the hiring process in our company.

4. Which NetHunt features do you consider the most valuable for your business?

Tyrone: The ability to customize processes according to our business needs is one of the most valuable features for us. Our managers are spending less time on routines like record creation, lead outreach or qualification, therefore they are able to dedicate more time to deals negotiation and client management.

NetHunt is allowing us to have a broad picture of our pipeline and to keep track of the progress of our sales activities. Along with this, it has become much easier to evaluate the sales performance of each individual manager during a specific time period and it has allowed us to elaborate a fair performance bonus system.

Due to the fact that we communicate with our clients through Gmail, we found it very convenient to use NetHunt CRM inside Gmail. We don’t need to switch screens between Gmail and CRM, so we can easily see the whole journey of our lead: from the first email to the invoice being paid.

5. Do you have any tips to share with the audience?

Tyrone: NetHunt gives us a lot of possibilities to optimize our daily sales activities and to give a broader view to management team on the business itself. If you want a CRM in Gmail, which is simple, flexible and intuitive at the same time, look no further, since your next stop is NetHunt CRM.

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