Obviously, 2021 was a busy year in the NetHunt office. But now we’re already a month into 2022; it’s time to look back at everything we’ve accomplished and reveal our plans for the upcoming year.

In 2021, sales automation was bang on-trend. CRM vendors who failed to offer their users advanced sales automation functionality were bound to fall behind and lose their market share. NetHunt CRM was not one of those vendors.

In 2021, we developed and released a new sales automation functionality called Workflows. Now, NetHunt CRM users can…

  • Automatically update records by sending clients a web form to complete before storing all that data collected straight to your CRM
  • Set and assign tasks associated with deals or contacts.
  • Automate and send drip campaigns, outreach email campaigns, automated follow-ups, welcome emails
  • Set up automated Slack or Google Chat notifications, sent to the team whenever something noteworthy happens in the pipeline
  • Distribute leads to managers on a round-robin basis.

Despite taking up a lot of time and resources, Workflows isn’t the only thing we were working on in 2021. We also lived up to the status of Google Partner and being hosted on Google Cloud Platform, coped with a two-fold growth of our user base, and invested in the reliability and scalability of NetHunt CRM.

We pride ourselves on the level of flexibility our CRM provides. We strive to take every request we receive into consideration and deliver exactly what our customers want. Our development roadmap for 2022 is heavily influenced by customer feedback, ideas, and feature requests throughout 2021.

NetHunt CRM aims to be a full-scale solution for businesses of all calibres. We try to optimise how our users generate leads, nurture them, and then how they report on those processes. On top of that, we also understand the importance of automating business routines and minimising the necessity for tedious, repetitive tasks.

In 2022, we’ll develop more functionality to make every step of the sales process easier, quicker, and more productive.

Our process-optimisation drive can be split into four categories…

  • Lead acquisition
  • Data management
  • Workflows
  • Reporting

Let’s look at all the changes you can expect to see in NetHunt CRM functionality for 2022.

Lead acquisition

We’ve already made a head start with lead acquisition optimisation with our Gmail integration, LinkedIn integration, Intercom integration, and Facebook Messenger integration.

In 2022, we’re going to improve data crawling even further. The plan is to introduce auto-filling and record enrichment functionality from public-domain sources, such as trusted public listings and email signatures. This way, all the data in your CRM database is always correct and up-to-date.

We’re also going to add the ability to automatically link the history of LinkedIn messages to the contact’s record and introduce auto-linking of LinkedIn profiles to CRM profiles.

Finally, we’ll improve web form lead generation. Updated webforms will have geolocation tracking, more design flexibility, and several additional field types.

Data management

NetHunt CRM will integrate even more closely with G-Suite this year thanks to Gmail Add-On and Google Calendar Add-On. We’ve already started developing them, and they’re penned to be released in the first quarter of 2022. Among everything else, these add-ons allow users to interact with NetHunt CRM through the Gmail mobile app.

Another feature we’re working on is a two-way synchronisation of Contacts and Tasks. If you create or update a Contact in NetHunt CRM, it will be automatically synced to Google Contacts and vice versa.

Next, the quality of data in your database depends on a solid duplicate prevention feature. In 2022, we’ll introduce a full duplicate management system with the power to spot and notify users about contact duplicates, regardless of how a contact enters the database, and effectively resolve such duplicates.

Finally, manually ordered record lists round off our data management upgrades. NetHunt users will have the opportunity to create distinct types of views that can be filled in with any set of records. Moreover, the order in which those appear on the list can be customised.


We already reported our sales automation progress in 2021, but we won’t stop there. In 2022, Workflows will become even more useful and functional, and here’s what to expect…

We’ve gained a lot of experience in sales automation by conducting discussions with our customers and using Workflows ourselves. In 2022, we’ll share this experience with you through a collection of pre-setup Workflow templates, ready in just a couple of clicks.

On top of that, we plan to introduce the ability to generate invoices and other documents based on records, store them as part of email templates and use them in personalised email sequences.

We also want to upgrade reactions to interactions. In addition to the currently available ‘Reply to the email’, we’ll introduce the ability to react with custom — or specific — actions to clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes and chat messages.

A/ B testing support will also be available within the Workflows feature.
The final bulk of changes in Workflows will be improved emailing efficiency. We’ll work on increasing deliverability by integrating with other SMTP providers like Send Grid and MailGun. We also plan to create multiple custom subscription lists and Record filters based on opens, clicks, and replies.


Reporting plays a crucial role in sales processes. In 2022, we’ll improve the reporting capabilities that NetHunt CRM provides. This means…

  • A pipeline flow will help understand where progress has been made in the reported period
  • Forecasting functionality
  • A scoring system with custom rules and visualisation to help prioritise leads and spot hurdles in the sales process

But that’s not all… In 2022, we’re also planning to give our CRM system a makeover and introduce NetHunt CRM 2.0! Look out for…

  • UI/UX redesign
  • More data visible at any one time
  • More context at your fingertips

Quite an aspiration plan there, isn’t it?

The truth is, with you by our side and with a great, dedicated team grinding restlessly, united by a shared vision, anything is possible!

Stick around to see how NetHunt CRM grows into an even better product. Make sure you send your ideas, requests, and tips our way — we’re always open for feedback and suggestions.

With love from your favourite CRM vendor,

NetHunt CRM 💙

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