Over the next couple of days, NetHunt users will see a drastic change in the look and feel of their favorite Gmail CRM for startups. NetHunt is getting more beautiful UI, upgraded usability, and more capabilities. Scroll below to see what’s new!

Updated UI completely matches NetHunt web version

Left sidebar navigation, email linking, right sidebar from within the record, and snippets in the email thread — all these areas were redesigned for a complete match with the NetHunt web version. Every bit of functionality in now available from your Gmail, making it a 100% functional G Suite CRM for startups right in your inbox.

Take your time to browse through the CRM elements in your inbox and explore the new NetHunt. Try customizing folder color and folder icon, enjoy more intuitive and functional folder menu, check out the new sidebar with record details when you open up an email.

Additional updates

  • Right sidebar accessible from an email now shows a timeline, as well as all the records related to this contact, company, etc. This update eliminates the need to open up a full record if you need to upload a document, make a note, log a call or schedule a meeting. Everything is available to you while reading or responding to an email.
  • Added new statistic fields.
    Scroll to the bottom of this article to see all the statistic fields available, and read this and this tutorial on how to use them.
  • Time since update field is now supported by Zapier. Read our tutorial on how to set it up correctly.
  • Updated the menu for linking emails to a CRM record. Try it and let us know if you have any questions!
  • Users can now restore deleted fields from the Trash bin. Here’s a brief instruction on how to do it.
  • Deleted record or folder can now be also restored immediately from the pop up message.
  • Users can now move or copy records between the folders. There’re two options available for doing this, and they’re both described in this tutorial.
  • We’ve limited the number of active workspaces for users to 1 at a time. This way, NetHunt CRM performance is more optimized and secured for faster loading. Nevertheless, users can still switch between their active workspaces if they need.
  • Added integration with Shared Drives ( exTeam Drives). Please note that it is available to G Suite users only. More details available in this article.
  • Open tracking results are now available in the records timeline to everyone with access to it.

Smaller updates

  • Supported compact view of Gmail inbox.
  • For more optimized performance, Views are now loaded gradually, as you scroll down or to the right.
  • Added account deletion.

We hope that these changes will make your work with NetHunt more smooth and productive. Please send your feedback and suggestions to support@nethunt.com — we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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