On September 24, Anastasia Tatsenko, NetHunt’s Head of Customer Success, hosted a webinar on “How to Move from Spreadsheets to CRM.” We wrote down the key webinar takeaways explaining how switching from Excel/Spreadsheets to CRM can result in a 73% boost in overall company productivity and help to close more deals.

Have you ever calculated the cost of routine tasks for your business? Nowadays, employees spend more than 4 hours a day JUST CHECKING THEIR EMAIL. 81% of all companies still use Excel in the workplace. So the rest of the day an employee would spend doing administrative work than doing the most important task, which is selling the product.

As your customer base grows, it’s becoming harder to access and work together in shared Spreadsheets/Excel files and keep all the customer information updated.

At this point, manual data entry becomes the main obstacle on your way to better sales productivity. You could suspect that the time to automate your lead management has come. Yet, you’re still not ready to hire CRM experts and get yourself involved in another hassle. That’s something most of us think about: CRM installation is not easy.

But what if we tell you that there is a CRM system that can be installed and fully set to use in 30 minutes? And you can implement all the integrations and data import on your own?

That was exactly what Anastasia demonstrated to you during the webinar. She moved data from Spreadsheets to CRM in 30 minutes. And you will, too, after watching the full webinar recording. Ready to streamline contacts update, maintain a healthy email list, and finally soothe your nerves with a CRM?

Then read these six points from the webinar “How to Move from Spreadsheets to CRM” that will help you navigate your way to a perfect CRM that meets your revenue goals.

6 Key Takeaways to Blow Your Mind

Administrative Work Steals a Lot of Time

One of the major signs that identify you need to stop your business going round Spreadsheets. It all sounds fine until you see the stats: sales reps spend an astonishing 64% on non-selling tasks. And believe me, these stats may look even worse for those who are still using Spreadsheets.

When you spend weeks in training new hires to navigate your Spreadsheets jungle and fear that they may take all the clients base with them after they leave, you are getting into the same time-wasting trap.

2. Delegating Tasks with Spreadsheets is a Real Curse for Sales Reps

Managers do not know at what stage the deals are, how efficiently the sales managers work, where is the bottleneck, and what are the reasons for lost leads.

3. Gmail-based CRM is an Excellent Tool to Maintain Clients’ Relations

You get both customer cards with all info and messages from them in a single interface. In this kind of a CRM, you can create new records right from the email in one click. Other benefits are native integration with other Google apps like Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, and more.

4. CRM Unites Sales, Marketing, and Support Departments

CRM software helps map out the whole customer journey from an inquiry to the actual sale. This helps track the effectiveness of all marketing channels and define the ones that bring high-quality leads and the ones that do not work.

5. CRM Dramatically Improves Customer Experience

Did you know that about 41% of all clients churn because of poor personalization? As sales managers and customer support teams start using а CRM system, the overall customer experience will improve rapidly. Employees get essential data in hand as soon as they require it, so that they may help customers fix issues fast and lead them down the funnel more effectively. Better customer experience is considered the utmost importance to the majority of companies:

6. Data Safety

While working in Spreadsheets, sales reps can copy all the data to the flash drive and leave. This will never happen with the CRM if you do not give the proper permissions to the employee. Your workflow will never be affected by the change in your team. Just reassign leads to the new team members keeping the sales ball rolling.

Note! If you missed the presentation, you can access the on-demand version of the webinar here. Receive the full webinar recording and materials right in your inbox:

About the author:

Anastasia Tatsenko has been working with small to midsize businesses for more than 6 years. Having a strong background in sales combined with her expertise in growth hacking, Anastasia can provide an insider look at the business challenges and coach through solutions that work best.

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