NetHunt team keeps working on our CRM for Gmail all the time.  The product roadmap that we’re using contains improvements, as well as the brand new features to make your CRM experience more smooth, efficient, and productive.  Once or twice a month, we release major product updates along with the newsletter that introduces all the amendments. Starting with this post, you will also be able to find NetHunt product updates with links to all the applicable tutorials and use cases.

Today, we’re releasing new NetHunt CRM updates, so let’s see what’s new.

New navigation for Filters & Views

Filters are a powerful tool to display exactly the set of data that you require at the moment. They allow you to search the exact values not only by one criteria (one field) like grouping or sorting your records, but applying multiple values. Views are the saved filtered data sets that you can keep and get back to whenever you need.

One of the goals that we have is to find a way to make powerful and advanced filtering capabilities easy to use. The efforts that we’ve made are now reflected in the visual changes brought to the navigation.

The whole filtering and navigation process has been reworked, contributing to a smooth and intuitive user experience. Read more on how to manage fields and create views faster with new and intuitive navigation.

Automatically create new CRM records

Uninterrupted process is what we’ve gained with this update. Creating something like a Contact record along with some related records (a Deal or a Company) has been a bit of a hurdle. With this update, users can now create a Contact without interruption along with the ‘related’ Company and then switch to a newly created ‘related’ Company to fill out empty fields in there, too.

Learn more about saving time and effort by automatically creating new ‘related’ CRM records.

Default data presets

Setting a custom default date is one of the new features that adds to the automation of your workflows and processes.  For example, you can add a Deadline field to your Deals which will always be, let’s say, +14 days since the Deal is open. Read through more use case scenarios that you can employ.

Bulk email linking

When you’re starting with NetHunt, most probably you already have some email correspondence history with your clients and leads. With this bulk email linking feature, you can now link all your email conversations to the Contacts, Companies, or Deals in your CRM. Check out the tutorial on bulk linking in our Help Center.

Some other smaller changes

  • Added date format and week start day preferences. Read more.
  • Added a capability to customize decimal points that are shown in a field. Read more.
  • Made assistance chat available from within the web app — try it out!

We hope that these changes will make your work with NetHunt easier and more effective. Please send your feedback and suggestions to — this is always welcome!

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