These days, marketing and sales strategies tend to prioritize connections before actual selling.  According to Hall and Partners’ “Engager” study, up to 2/3 of a company’s profits rely on effective customer engagement. Companies who improve engagement increase their cross-sell by 22%; driving up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%. Makes sense, right?

But, the problem is that lots of companies don’t see any real importance in engagement. Instead, they only take their own interests in promoting their service into account. Indeed, sales pitches alone don’t build trusting relationships and long-lasting loyalty. Successful companies focus their efforts on creating value, not extracting revenue. In fact, the latter simply could not exist without the former.

Setting an auto-response email is probably not the first thing on our mind before we jet off on holiday. But if we don’t do it, we risk eroding the trust between ourselves and our customers. It’s important to remember that response time is a non-verbal sign that shows clients and business partners how responsible and professional a company is.

It’s crucial for clients to feel as if they can rely on you if they have an urgent request. Before taking time off, you need to create an out-of-office email response. Let your clients and business partners know that you are currently unavailable, but will be back soon. They, understandably, expect you to reply promptly… but everybody is entitled to some time off.  Just remember keep your contacts in the loop.

When you’re starting a business, Excel is an ideal solution to organize all the customer details, orders, invoices, along with the other information that you need to keep track of. However, as your business grows, working with 200, 800, and 1,000 clients this way becomes barely manageable. Let alone the fact that you will need to let your sales and marketing team access it to make changes and use this data efficiently for their activities.…

Many consider CRM to be a magic wand that helps anyone in any single case. Just install a CRM, cast a spell – and you’re good to go. Yet, it’s not that easy even to choose a relevant CRM software, not to mention integrating it into your workflows. That’s why we decided to carry out research and tell you for sure why businesses need a CRM and who benefits from it. Disclaimer: this article contains…