Yes, they do.  This feature could be the shortest piece you’ve ever read. However, it won’t. Like any CRM software provider, we believe that businesses of all sizes need CRM; and like all CRM vendors, we’ve been on a mission to inform customer-oriented companies about the necessity of hiring a CRM-system.  Although many young companies realize the importance of CRMs, some of them still don’t. The percentage of CRM non-adopters rises higher when it comes…

Just imagine that right at this moment your best employee is sending someone his CV or updating his profile on Upwork, or even worse, negotiating a time for an interview with your competitor. Would you like to know why? And how to deal with this? Companies are focused on building strong public relations to gain recognition from the customers and partners. They are picky about the media they are featured in, trade shows they are…

When starting a new business or establishing grounds for the further development of the existing, one of your first steps might be creating a website or, at least, registering a domain name relevant to a company/brand. But even having done that you might still feel that there is something missing. And we may have just a hunch what that may be – a corporate email based on your domain that clearly establishes you as a credible business owner.

How much time does it take you to browse through your inbox? Researchers revealed that the average employee spends about 28% of the workweek reading and responding to emails. Regardless of whether you’re using a Gmail CRM or not, this manual work includes many repetitive actions that can be easily automated saving time for more creative tasks. Are you ready to learn more about automating your email routine in Gmail? This article will give you a comprehensive overview of email tasks automation.