Google Chrome is the most used web-broswer and and this is not surprising. In July 2019, 80.9% of web searchers used Chrome and the number is constantly growing (just compare 6.5% of usage in July 2009). Google has been consistently improving the client’s usability, redesigning the UI to adapt to design trends. Besides its functionality, users love it because of the wide range of extensions that the platform supports.

There are tons of extensions available in the Chrome market and you might be confused about how to choose the best ones. We’ve gathered the list of best Google Chrome productivity extensions that our team uses every day to make our time online more efficient. Hope that this list can increase the team productivity in your company as well. So, let’s dive in.

3 Chrome Extensions for Tasks Management


A popular task manager has an add-on that is a powerhouse in its own right. You’ll be able to turn letters into to-do items in one click, prioritize messages by the urgency with color-coded labels, and so on. You can sort through emails by grouping them into separate boards. Share the boards with your teammates and collaborate on the tasks.


ActiveInbox helps users manage emails by assigning additional meta-data to them: folders, lists, due dates, and so on. This way, you’ll have all the data related to a client, an employer, or an employee right next to his email. ActiveInbox is a useful all-in-one account management add-on that provides users with real-time assistance.


Similarly to Trello, Todoist for Gmail allows turning a letter into an assignment. You will be able to add additional information to it – a deadline, the task’s priority, and so on. Todoist allows teams to assign members that will handle a given assignment – all in the email client tab.

2 Chrome Extensions for Time Management


Hubstaff is a perfect Сhrome app for productivity for remote teams. It easily records work time and helps to monitor employee’s work progress in real time. It makes random screenshots of the monitor, tracks app and URL activity with the time spent on each of them. Hubstaff can also substitute the Chrome app for task management with the built-in timer that can be turned on once the employee begins work. With Hubstaff, it is also easy to generate invoicing based on the time spent for every task.


This is a good anti-procrastination tool that limits the time you spend on specific websites and applications (both desktop and mobile, as it is available on Android and iOS as well). Define your time-killers, set up a specific time that you would like to spend there and get those apps blocked once you reach the limit.

Chrome Extension for Sales Management

NetHunt CRM leads the list of chrome extensions for sales management. It helps to manage effectively leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress within the pipeline, and close deals faster. With the help of NetHunt CRM a sales manager can monitor where the potential clients are in the sales cycle, the last date and purpose of interaction, and define the next steps to bring the customer closer to the payment. In the enterprises, CRM would also ensure that all departments — accounting, customer success, sales and marketing — have access to the same information, making customer relations more smooth and efficient.

NetHunt is seamlessly integrated into Gmail and blends with its UI. By installing Chrome extension, all the client related data is available in your Gmail inbox – customer profiles, deals, data views, email tracking, mass email campaigns, etc.

2 Chrome Extensions for Notes


In case you need to remember something for later or need to leave a note for your team member, StickyNotes is the extension for you. With the StickyNotes you can create the note, add the picture, format the text, move notes around the screen, and back them up to never lose any note. The extension has some added intelligence by detecting emails, phone numbers, or addresses, so you get a quick access to email client, maps, or Skype to make a call. You can also sync the notes and access them on mobile or other devices.


MyNotes is a perfect tool to conduct notes while browsing, save them to Google Drive, and email to your teammates. With the simple search bar within the extension, it is easy to find the necessary note. While reading an article on the web, MyNotes extracts the name of the article along with the link , so that you could easily share it with your friends. Copy some important information from the document and convert it to the note in one click.

2 Chrome extensions for grammar check


Ginger is a built-in add-on that fixes the grammar and the punctuation of your emails. Other than context-based connections, it offers built-in synonyms, translations, and word definitions. With Ginger, you will be able to avoid miscommunications in emails.


Grammarly is a must-have tool for anyone who writes emails, articles and produces any kind of content. This extension (and app as well) will check your grammar on a number of different platforms like Facebook, MS Word and more. The free plan offers only grammar and spelling check, while the Premium one will additionally check your punctuation grammar, context and sentence structure, genre-specific writing style, enhance vocabulary and detect plagiarism. Starts from $11.66 per month.

Here's a detailed comparison of Grammarly vs Ginger.

3 Chrome Extensions for Downloads Management

Flash Video Downloader

The extension downloads the most popular formats – flask, video, and audio. The extension manages to download the videos from 99% of the websites, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos. It is very easy to use, you start downloading the file with one click of the icon in the browser extension.

Chrome Audio Capture

The extension captures the audio and saves the file on your computer. It allows to capture any audio available on the current tab, while you can capture the sound from the multiple tabs simultaneously. You can save the captures as either .mp3 or .wav files. It is also possible to mute the audio that you are capturing.

Download Master

Download Master lets you download the media file or a group of various media files located on  the web. The extension can significantly increase the speed of downloading files over the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. For this, a file is split into streams that are downloaded simultaneously. It also supports downloading the file from its current position after disconnection. There is the ability to automatically recognize the type of files and place them in specific categorised folders.

2 Chrome Extensions for Password Management


If you don’t want to pay extra while using your password manager across multiple devices, LastPass is right for you. Aside from being highly secure, LastPass has some cool features like built-in password generator, emergency access (starting from Premium account), one-to-one sharing and more. It also supports all known browsers, however, Chrome extension is a sort of gatekeeper for your vault. You can only access it via Chrome add-on with your masterpass. Free version is good enough but the paid one won’t charge you much – starting from $2 per month.


This password management has a friendly user interface and some extra features you will definitely like. It includes VPN and Dark Web monitoring. If you do not need anything special, you can stay with a free plan, which offers you standard 2FA, 5 accounts for password sharing, emergency contact access, secure notes, password generator, security alerts, form and payment autofill, and up to 50 password accounts on 1 device. Premium subscription starts from $3.33 per month and is really worth every cent.

2 Gmail extensions for productivity


KeyRocket introduces keyboard shortcuts to Gmail. You’ll be able to draft, send, reply, view, or delete messages using keyboard combinations. It takes time to learn all shortcuts – yet, in the long run, KeyRocket is a huge timesaver. is a booking tool that allows users to schedule meetings in one click. The tool will send an email notification to remind you of a scheduled event or a conference call. is a gem for international collaboration as it intelligently processes and converts time zone differences.

Now, it’s the right time to upgrade your Chrome browser with the productivity extensions that can make your day-to-day work easier and secure, save your time, and elevate your performance. We hope that the above list adds some value to your daily online activities. Be sure to pick your favourite ones and do not install the whole bunch at the same time as they can slow down your browser performance. What are your best productivity extensions? Share with us in the comments below.

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