Let’s face it, all of us use Gmail either for some personal correspondence or at work. When it comes to business, you may easily get lost in all the emails and notifications you get. For this reason, many companies consider implementing a CRM system, which helps them organize all the data. But if you are not ready to such a radical step yet, you may simply use your basic Gmail account as a whole CRM system.

The minimum set of CRM features

The majority of CRM systems offer a standard set of features that may vary from case to case.

  1. Data organization.
  2. Management of various channels of communication, such as email, calls, social media, etc.
  3. Analytics and downloadable reports.
  4. Team management.
  5. Automation of the day-to-day tasks.
  6. Reminders and follow-ups.
  7. Marketing automation (in the majority of the systems).
  8. Management of user roles and permissions among the team members.

Of course, you shouldn’t consider this list as ultimate guidance for your business as there are no two absolutely similar companies. Thus, it is important to focus on your business goals and priorities. What we recommend is talk to your team and create a list of must-have features and integrations essential for your business. And only after that try to find a CRM that matches your requirements.

For instance, if your employees use Gmail on a daily basis, you should pay attention to Gmail CRM systems first. This way, you may be sure that the team will not neglect new software and will make the most of it.

Using Gmail as a CRM

Using Google as a CRM has a lot of advantages for the people who are in love with Gmail and G Suite apps. It may significantly improve your workflows and boost sales if used correctly. If you still wonder how to use Google as a CRM, look through these features that may significantly benefit your business.

Using Google Contacts as a CRM

Google Contacts is probably one of the most obvious tools to be used as a CRM database as it allows users to store customer details and use them whenever needed. And the most interesting feature of this tool that almost no one uses is the possibility to save more data than just a person’s name and email. You may easily use Google Contacts CRM for storing their birthday, website links, relationships, and even add custom fields.

Grouping and segmentation

Gmail lets you segment your clientele according to different groups you may have in Gmail. You can use one of the existing pre-set groups or add new ones according to your sales pipeline or any other needs.

Tracking sales activities

Whenever you need to input some information regarding a meeting, a call, or any other activities involving a particular customer, you can use the possibility to add notes to your Google Contacts. This way, you will always keep up with the accomplished work and be aware of what’s left to be done.

Nested folders

Another way to keep your data organized when using Gmail as a CRM is using nested folders within the system. What this feature allows you to do is create subfolders in the existing folders with your contacts so that you put all information in order and store related data at the same place.

Overall, if you don’t have any specific requirements to the way you store and use your customer data, using Gmail as a CRM may be a great solution. Yet, if you are looking for an advanced tool with more features, consider taking up a CRM integrated with Gmail.

CRM for Gmail

As we’ve stated before, single Gmail may not be enough to maintain an effective sales process. Yet, you may upgrade it with one of the specially designed CRM systems. Such tools may boost your productivity as they add some extra features to the existing ones. For instance, if you are interested in the lead management in Gmail or creating sales pipelines, you should definitely look through the available Gmail-based CRM solutions.

Any CRM software is aimed at organizing your data and facilitating the whole process of managing leads, prospects, and clients, and leading them down the funnel. When it comes to Gmail CRM systems, they also allow you to continue using your favorite tools while upgrading them with new features.

Online solutions for turning your Gmail into a CRM

There are several cloud-based CRM software tools that are either integrated with Gmail or built inside this service. Some of them allow you to use your Google contacts as a CRM, others provide you with a full set of CRM features, including sales pipelines, reports, and other useful tools.

Why should you choose among online tools and not stick to on-premise CRMs? The thing is cloud-based services have several remarkable advantages over their on-premise competitors.

First, the cloud-based solutions offer much more flexible pricing plans allowing you to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for each user of the CRM. Second, they are continuously updated by the provider, so that you get the best experience working with a particular software tool. Besides, they are more customizable than on-premise systems and can be accessed from almost anywhere since all you need to use them is internet connection.

Overall, according to Superoffice statistics, at present, 87% of businesses use cloud-based services compared to only 12% in 2008. The numbers speak for themselves: online CRM solutions are only gaining momentum and will be even more popular in the future.

Indeed, there are many cloud-based CRMs that provide Gmail integration. To name a few, these are NetHunt CRM, Hubspot, Copper, Streak, Zoho CRM, Insightly, and many other online services.

NetHunt CRM

If you are looking for a Google CRM tool, NetHunt is probably one of the best solutions in the market. It is a Gmail-based CRM for small and medium-sized businesses, which allows users to create leads from emails and close deals right in their inbox.

NetHunt CRM provides users with a full set of features that may benefit any kind of business.

  • Full Gmail integration
  • G Suite apps integration (Drive, Calendar, Hangouts)
  • Third-party apps integration through Zapier
  • Customizable sales pipelines
  • Valuable insights into your sales process with a set of customizable filters and views
  • Full customization of the system, including folders and fields
  • Bulk email campaigns with trackable performance (open and click rates)
  • Downloadable reports and statistics
  • User roles and permissions
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Stunning customer support

Check out the full list of NetHunt CRM features or book a product demo with our customer support to find out more!

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