Stay ahead in the sales game and lead your team effectively with our curated sales training resources.

It’s time for a few painful questions…

  • Do you feel you aren’t as good as a sales manager as you were a salesperson?
  • Are you still fighting to get your team to hit their monthly targets?
  • Do you have trouble transferring skills you’ve mastered to other people?
  • Have you ever gone through the process of hiring a salesperson for your team, only to be later disappointed?
  • Have you ever felt like there are too many tasks to complete and you’re falling behind, no matter how quickly you deal with them?

If you answered “no” to the above - congratulations. You’re a born sales leader and you should start a learning program for fellow sales managers. Now.

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions - don’t panic. There’s always room for improvement, and you’re lucky you came across this article!

Keep reading to find out more about the best sales training programs for sales managers. This article will help you become a more confident sales leader, bringing your company better financial results.

Why do sales managers need to attend sales training?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on the world economy. While some companies failed to adapt to new realities and went out of business, many new ones emerged.

Lots of ex-corporate employees quit their jobs to pursue entrepreneurship.

In fact, according to data from the Census Bureau, the number of new US business registrations increased by 24% in the first year of the pandemic and 28% in 2021.

That’s 4.3 million new businesses in just one year, just in one country.

The business world is as competitive as ever. And if businesses want to continue making money, they need to invest in training programs for their sales professionals.

First in line for training? Sales managers.

This is so they can lead by example, sure. But they should also be directly responsible for the company’s sales strategy and their team’s performance.

A well-designed sales training program can help sales managers to…

  • Link sales strategy to sales objectives
  • Conduct effective performance evaluations
  • Spot bottlenecks in the sales process and successfully remove them
  • Recruit and hire the right people for the sales team
  • Better understand and communicate with the salespeople
  • Better manage their time and delegate responsibilities
  • Mentor and coach the sales team to achieve better results

You can only leverage the benefits of sales training if you attend the right program. Regular sales training programs designed for sales reps won’t do much for managers.

This is because the sales manager isn’t an entry-level position.

You don’t fall asleep as a normal person and wake up as a sales manager. By the time you get that promotion, you have hands-on experience in sales and know everything regular sales training programs cover.

You’re already neck deep in prospecting, cold sales outreach, sales negotiation, and deal closing techniques and strategies.

It’s time to master a completely different type of skill. Learn how to pass this knowledge onto your team, organise your subordinates, coach them, and effectively use their talents to make more sales.

The best sales training for managers in 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the best sales training programs for sales managers in 2024. Pick the one that will benefit your business most.

Sales Coaching Training Program by CMOE

The Sales Coaching Training Program by CMOE is customisable sales manager training and targeted to your organisation’s needs.

Sales coaching is one of the most important processes sales managers engage in. Effective coaching allows sales managers to guide their team towards achieving sales goals, spot activities that don’t work, and eradicate them while scaling successful practices. Poor sales coaching increases staff turnover. Up to 60% of salespeople are likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach!

First, participants receive an in-depth analysis of their current level of sales-coaching skills. Then, they learn various sales coaching techniques and strategies to minimise the impact of those limitations before scaling strengths.

Training isn’t entirely theoretical. Participants have the opportunity to practice the freshly acquired skills in sales-oriented situations to promptly apply them at their own companies.

Training objectives and outcomes:

  • Adjust your coaching style to the needs of individual sales team members or sales opportunities
  • Build strong, lasting relationships with trainees through effective communication
  • Help individuals grow and develop their sales skills
  • Effectively communicate sales expectations
  • Learn how to set challenging but attainable goals and develop actionable roadmaps for them
  • Teaches how to coach both in a formal and informal setting

The training comes in various formats. You can choose between instructor-led training and a digital-learning program. You can even combine them as one big training session.

The length of the training program is 4-16 hours.

Read more about the Sales Coaching Training Program or sign up here.

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Sales Management Training by Sandler

If you are looking for all-encompassing sales management training, the Sandler Management Solutions program is the choice for you.

This program steps away from explaining the whats and whys of sales management processes, bringing hows into the training room instead.

The training covers the attitudes, behaviours, and strategies of top sales leadership, teaching participants to effectively solve managerial tasks. Throughout the training program, participants complete various active skills training specific to their actual goals.

Some of the topics the training program touches on include…

  • Hiring — assessment, interviewing, and decision making
  • Effective communication with members of the sales team
  • Supervising, coaching, training, and mentoring
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Effective and efficient sales meetings
  • Account management

This training program focuses on personal betterment, rather than the simple management of a sales team.

Sandler's Sales Management Training program offers a lesson on time management. Sales managers can learn how to handle time-wasters and interruptions, schedule their activities in a time-oriented matrix, and work smarter by delegating tasks to other members of the team.

Read more about the Sales Management Training program and sign up here.

Virtual Management Training by The Sales Optimisation Company

Work from home (WfH) - remember that?

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, companies had to leave their offices and learn how to handle their workload from the comfort of their homes.

Odds are you still do it.

At first, it seemed like a temporary solution that would be reverted once the pandemic ended. Here we are, two years later, so used to working remotely that companies worldwide are adopting the remote-first format at scale.

WfH adds an extra layer of responsibility for sales managers, making the managerial process more complex. These days, sales managers should develop an effective way of managing their in-person, remote, and hybrid team members together.

Everyone should work towards achieving the same goals, no deadlines should be missed, and the employees should remain well-coordinated and motivated at all times.  

The Virtual Management Training by The Sales Optimisation Company provides training for the most important aspects of virtual sales management…

  • Skills needed to manage remote workers
  • Keeping communication with blended teams
  • Preserving collaboration and sharing when not in the office
  • Keeping staff productive when they're working from home
  • Tools to manage remote workers

This training program comes in two formats: Live Workshop or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Duration: 1/2 to 1 day when attending an In-Person Workshop or Multiple 120 Minute VILT sessions.

Read more about the Virtual Management Training program or sign up here.

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Strategic Sales Leadership & Management Training by The Sales Optimisation Company

Sales managers can get so caught up in the day-to-day that they stop seeing the bigger picture.

It's crucial to sometimes step back and take a good look at the sales process as a whole. Try to tweak it, adjusting the sales strategy so that it’s well-aligned with current goals and objectives.

The Strategic Sales Leadership & Management Training by The Sales Optimisation Company training focuses on helping sales managers develop more opportunities for their sales teams, change the sales leadership style from reactive to proactive, and better capitalise on the skills of the employees.

This program helps sales managers to…

  • Build an awareness of your leadership skills and style
  • Increase team engagement, motivation, and accountability
  • Cultivate a high-performance sales culture
  • Develop strategic leadership skills

As a result of the Strategic Sales Leadership & Management Training, you’ll learn…

  • Essential sales coaching skills
  • Different leadership styles and what really works
  • What metrics to track and how to analyse the data
  • How to motivate and incentivise sales teams
  • How to hire the right salesperson for the job
  • How to run effective sales team meetings

The best thing about this sales manager training course is that it offers plenty of different case studies, exercises, and roleplays.

Read more about the Strategic Sales Leadership & Management Training program or sign up here.

Leadership Development by Anthony Cole Training Group

Since we’ve already touched on the topic of sales leadership, let’s talk about the Leadership Development training program by Anthony Cole Training Group.

It’s led by Steve Jones, who is a leadership development expert with 15 years in Executive Leadership positions and 20 years coaching and advising individual leaders and executives.

This course can help sales leaders to understand the difference between management and leadership.

By the end of this program, sales leaders will be able to…

Develop more engaged and motivated employees

  • Assess whether there is a clear vision of what success is and how to get there
  • Build an environment that encourages both organisational and individual success

This program is highly personalised, meaning every participant receives evaluation of their current leadership style, an outline of the key drivers for their business’ success, and a truly personal coaching plan prioritised around the following eight key areas…

  • Effective communication to drive desired impact
  • Conflict management
  • Building and leading a high-performing team
  • Courageous conversations
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Building trust
  • Leading change
  • Influence and persuasion

Read more about the Leadership Development program or sign up here.

Sales & Pipeline Management Training by Richardson Sales Performance

Your company’s sales performance depends on the health of your sales pipeline. That’s why sales pipeline management and regular sales pipeline reviews are among the most important processes sales managers should handle.

The Sales & Pipeline Management Training by Richardson Sales Performance focuses on the common challenges sales managers face, teaching them how to overcome them.

During the program, sales managers learn how to perform an effective pipeline review. You’ll figure out how to identify the potential pool of current opportunities, recognise deadweight in a sales funnel, and find ways to remove it.

Some of the key training objectives include…

  • Learn how to identify pipeline risks and opportunities
  • Develop a strategy to link these stages of the pipeline to KPIs
  • Establish a list of best practices that will support robust pipeline management
  • Build leadership skills

As a result, your business will enjoy an increase in close ratios, better forecasting accuracy, and an increase in sales velocity.

Read more about the Sales & Pipeline Management Training program or sign up here.

9 Habits of Extreme Productivity by RAIN Group

Lack of motivation, poor time management, and inadequate self-organisation can be the reason why your sales team underperforms.

71% of companies don't believe their sellers manage their time and day effectively.

🗣️ Top-Performing Sales Organization

It’s your responsibility as a sales manager to increase your team’s productivity and coach them on how to use their working hours effectively.

➡️ Learn how to boost your sales team’s productivity with a CRM team activity report.

The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity Training program offers sales managers an opportunity to develop a motivational, productive working culture in the office.

The sales productivity training program is built for an adult learner, which means every modular block is a self-contained topic that includes pre-work, a classroom session, application assignments, and application coaching.

Read more about the 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity Training program or sign up here.

Managing the Sales Team by The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Looking for a training program to set more meaningful objectives, forecast sales more accurately, motivate your top performers, build and develop the skills of your sales team, all while maximising your financial results?

Look no further than the Managing the Sales Team program by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

This course is directed by Jon Pope, a highly experienced sales leader that has worked in a variety of industries, including the media, pharmaceutical industry, consultancy, and HR services.

Some of the most notable topics the Managing the Sales Team training program covers include…

  • How to link business and sales strategy to objectives
  • How to set meaningful objectives for individuals and the team
  • How to assess motivation and understand individual needs of the team
  • How to recruit the right people for the team
  • How to keep top performers performing
  • How to manage underperformance
  • How to accurately forecast sales
  • How to identify the activity required to achieve the sales plan
  • Communication between office, remote and virtual team members

Read more about the Managing the Sales Team program or sign up here.

These were our recommendations for training programs for sales managers. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to the blog so that you don't miss our list of the best sales training programs for sales reps — it's already in the making 😉

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