In this series of articles, we talk to NetHunt CRM clients from various industries who have different initial goals for what they want from their CRM. We also want to find out which NetHunt CRM functionality they use most and how it brings success.

This time we talk to Recom, a company which specialises in commercial prospecting.

Recom generates clients for their clients.

They aim to become the top prospecting company in France through a combination of a deep understanding of their clients’ industries and strong B2B relationships.

While they're responsible for securing and booking meetings with their customer’s potential clients, it’s their customers who are responsible for closing the sale. In a nutshell, Recom provides a range of business development and lead generation tools to help their customers grow.

Let’s find out how NetHunt CRM, in just two years, has helped Recom increase their clients five-fold.👇

What kind of challenges brought you to the decision that you needed CRM?

In our own prospecting, we use multiple tools and platforms - file management, emails, phones, tracking, etc. We also collect tons of information from our prospects and clients every day.

We realised that we urgently needed a system that centralises all of the above.

We also realised that we could achieve a higher number of bookings if we constantly communicate with prospects, which is difficult to do manually when you are growing rapidly. Consistency is key.

Our business developers might have three or four clients at the same time, while each client can have thousands of prospects. It’s unreasonable to ask our business developers to do such a huge job manually.

We needed a platform to standardise and automate the whole process.

Which key features were you looking for in a CRM?

Based on what we needed, we were looking for certain features…

  • Gmail integration because our entire communication is through email. We didn’t want business developers wasting time switching between multiple tools.
  • We already serve hundreds of clients with fully-formed processes. We needed a system to duplicate those processes; we wanted to duplicate the pipeline and its workflows.
  • Task reminders to ensure business developers never miss a follow-up that is planned a month or more in advance.
  • Features for effective storing of communication: Email templates, call logs, etc.
  • Workflow automation to take the manual work off the business developers' shoulders.
  • Steadfast, automatic and visually-appealing reporting features to share stats with our clients, who are not CRM users.

What do you like about NetHunt CRM?

Of course, the main thing is that it meets our feature requirements.

Nethunt CRM is the daily working tool for the majority of our jobs here. It’s very important for us that it’s user-friendly, ergonomic, and accessible to everyone. We want our new hires to start working with a CRM instantly, so it needs to be easy-to-understand.

To that end, it matches 100% our expectations.

A strong customer-brand relationship also holds importance for us. We chat regularly with Anastasia, our manager. We are not merely a ticket with a three-working-day response. We feel that the team cares about our success and our positive experience with NetHunt CRM.

The NetHunt teams are very available. They listen to us when we ask them to develop a feature. They don't tell us "it's impossible". They always try to find a solution.

Which particular feature do you most enjoy using?

Easy. Workflows!

This is something that we missed in our previous CRM; something that makes our business developers happy with NetHunt CRM!

For each of our clients, we automate sequences of three emails as a part of the prospecting campaign.

We start sending emails with a trigger - say, a change in the pipeline stage of a record. We then send a series of related emails over time.

Depending on the feedback, the prospect comes out of the loop and the salesperson is alerted.

This allows us to…

  • Qualify our prospecting file
  • Prioritise business development calls according to the behaviour of the prospects

Before NetHunt CRM, we manually executed sales automation sequences.

We’d do things like put on task reminders to send second, third, and fourth emails. Imagine doing that for thousands of prospects.

Now, we automate an entire sequence of emails to prospects based on our own, set process.

Our business developers love task reminders. Upon receiving a reply from a prospect to contact them later, they can add a task to their agenda in just a few clicks. The task is linked to the customer record and contains all the information about previous communication.

Email templates also save the lives of our lead generators. When there’s a personal communication with the prospects, lots of our emails are the same.

We send reports to our clients every evening. We use NetHunt CRM’s integration with Google Data Studio to show them the numbers. It’s super convenient, as our clients don’t have access to our CRM. It would be time-consuming and ineffective to send individual screenshots or copy-paste necessary stats.

With NetHunt’s reporting, all the numbers are updated automatically, and reports are clean and visually appealing. Our clients can check them anytime.

How does CRM fit into your day-to-day life?

Since we've been working in Google Workspace for several years, and our business developers spend 90% of their day using CRM, we didn't want to change that environment or bring new, unnecessary learning curves.

Everything goes through NetHunt CRM, or is connected to the platform in some way!

Our emails, tracking tools, call log entries, call tools, and reporting are all safe, centralised, and visualised.

NetHunt CRM adapts to us and how we use it, not the other way around.

Have you reached any major milestones by using CRM?


  • Time saved, thanks to the automation and direct integration of our tools
  • A qualitative improvement on the prioritisation of our prospecting actions, thanks to various metrics and filters

With the combination of email automation and seeing all the affects on the sales pipeline, we generate 20-25 more high-quality leads per month.

The cherry on the cake? We’ve increased our client base five-fold over the last two years.

Can you ever get to a point where you stop using CRM?

Not today!

On the contrary, we want to take our NetHunt CRM usage even further. We want to go even further into automation and centralization of all our customer data.

NetHunt CRM sits at the centre of our business.

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