A guide to writing saucy subject lines and some sexy templates to get you started

Days, weeks, and months of relentless flirting with your client has led to this exact moment. Your sales pitch is either going to make or break the deal. To lose the sale at this point would be disappointing, heartbreaking, and even worse… a waste of time.

Your sales pitch should be well-rehearsed, but personalised. It needs to strike the right balance between friendly and functional. It needs to be perfect; but you know that. What you need to know is how to do these things and for that, you have come to the right place.

By the end of this article, you'll know:

From what it is, to how to do it; this article is a detailed what’s what of email sales pitches and how to write a sales pitch. If you stick around until the end, you might even find some pre-written templates to make the pitch for you.

What on earth is an email sales pitch?

The word pitch has several meanings. But we’re not talking about the depth of your voice or the place where you do sports. We’re talking about a sales pitch.

Also known as a sales presentation, a sales pitch is a speech or written statement given to persuade someone to buy something and close the deal.

In fact, the term sales pitch probably does find its roots in sport. In baseball, a pitch is where one player throws the ball to, or past, the batter. Imagine you are the pitcher, throwing your product at the customer, the batter. The only difference is, you want them to smack it out of the palk. You need them to engage with the ball as much as possible.

How on earth can I make my sales pitch sexy?

You’re wondering how to start a sales pitch. Well, it’s not easy; nothing in sales is. If it was easy, you wouldn’t be here. At the same time, we’re not talkin about writing the next works of Dickens or Dahl. All you need are the following seven elements and a sprinkle of your personality to write a perfect sales pitch that is going to promote your product and persuade your customer to part ways with their hard-earned cash.

A Saucy Subject Line

Regular subscribers to our blog will know all about the importance of subject lines, when it comes to getting your email opened. You know, this part of your email…

Your subject line is your hook. In the battle of the inbox, it’s your only weapon that’s going to actually get your email opened. It needs to be short, urgent, positive, on time, and personal. Above all, it needs to be clickable. According to Invesp research, 69% of messages get sent straight to spam based on the subject line alone. Don’t let your business-busting sales pitch be part of that scary statistic.

We’re well-versed in the business of subject lines. If you want to learn more about winning the Battle of the Inbox, read about it here. Alternatively, you can watch this video about the same topic, if you’re feeling a little bit too lazy to read.

A Vivacious VP

VP stands for value proposition and is part of your business model. A value proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver for a customer. A good value proposition works as a statement of intent, introduces the brand to a customer, outlines what they stand for, how they operate, and why the customer should choose them. VP eliminates buyer guilt and replaces it with buyer reason.

Your VP needs to address the following points

  • What do you sell?
  • How your product or service solves/improves problems
  • What benefits customers can expect
  • Why customers should buy from you over your competitors

A NetHunt VP looks a little something like this...

As you know, our CRM is built for small businesses like yourself. We pride ourselves on simplicity of integration and ease-of-use, and this sets us far apart from our competition. Above all, we built our system so that it bends around your business, rather than you having to bend your business around it.

A Supporting Story

A story helps set the context for your product or service, and outlines exactly where it fits into a lead’s life by identifying the problem they face and explaining the solution. A powerful story is a must-have for modern marketing teams; it should be sewn into the fabric of your brand and told at every possible opportunity, especially as part of your sales pitch.

Stories engage customers with your brand and give them threads of commonality to connect with a business. Your story should be emotional and personalised, but at the same time real and tangible. It must be communicated in the customer’s language and should play on the customer’s pain points and common situations.

Shortness and Sweetness

Like this paragraph, make it snappy. Your sales pitch should be concise and to the point. Don’t let information get lost in nervous chit-chat and beating around the bush. Ideally, your pitch should be a line to summarise what your company does, how they do it, and for who they do it. At most, it should be three lines expressing the same information.

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The sauciest subject line and the most Shakespearian story still wouldn’t be enough, however. After promising so much about a product, you better have the resources in your back pocket that are going to back you up.

Back it up with expert opinions, testimonials, professional reviews, customer reviews, studies, awards and competitor comparisons.

The truth is, people trust data and people trust other people who are similar to themselves. A survey conducted by Dimensional Research revealed that as many as 90% of respondents claimed positive online reviews influence their buying decision.  


A call-to-action (CTA) is (usually) the final sentence of the body of your email before you sign off with your name. It must be distinct and understood. It would be daft to preach the benefits of your business without outlining the next, logical step for a customer to take. Urge your client to take action after they read that original email with a clear phrase that starts with a verb. Include a link so they know exactly where to go.

  • Use a strong, active verb discover, hit me up, respond
  • Be clear book a free demo in and I can show you the ropes!
  • Use first-person perspective you need to see what we can do!
  • Be enthusiastic use an exclamation mark!

Here are some CTA examples for a sales pitch email…

We asked ChatGPT-3 to create 7 sales emails, and that’s what happened
One of the applications of AI in sales is to write email drafts. But is AI really capable of producing good email copy? We asked ChatGPT-3 to create 7 sales emails, and that’s what we got.

A Thorough Check

As an ex-teacher, an experienced copywriter, and a passionate editor I am obliged to tell you to check your work. Read it, read it again, and then read it out loud to make sure there are no unprofessional typos and your email works well. Run it through Grammarly, a productivity app that we use regularly in the NetHunt office.

Have you ended your professional email correctly? Have you included your 21st century business card, your signature? Is your email professional enough ? Heck, are you even sending it to the right person; the company decision-maker?

If the answer to each of those questions is yes, then you might be just about ready to hit send.

A Fancy Follow-Up

How long should I wait before following-up with a customer that I have pitched to?

A good question, but unfortunately not the right one. With so many conflicting factors affecting why a lead hasn’t responded to your quote, this question doesn’t go deep enough. They might need time to think, they might need to wait for approval, they might have spilt tea on their keyboard, or they might have simply deleted your email. The list goes on and on…

Instead, you should ask yourself how to follow-up with a client that has already been quoted with a price. After some self-reflection, you should then open your laptop and head straight to nethunt.com and find the answers, which we have put together here.

Tasty sales pitch templates

Check out our sales pitch examples. Far from being a sales pitch script to stick to, these examples are simply to inspire and get your creative juices flowing as you build up to making your pitch.


Hi [Customer],

I attempted to get in touch with you several times to discuss [our brand] and why I think our [product] could be a match for your business.

I’m wondering if you can help me. I would like to speak to a sales operations executive or a person responsible for [area of business] at [their brand].

Is it possible for you to put me in contact with this person?
I really think your business can benefit from our product!

Thanks in advance!

[phone number]


Hello [Customer],

I’ll get straight to the point. Our company, [our brand] has just created a popular [platform] group offer. We’ve already had over 500 entrants, but we’ve got room for loads more. Not only are we offering great discounts, but we are supporting our local community by [charitable activity].

I’d love to give you advanced access to [content]. We’ll be channeling this out on [date]. An exclusive copy is attached to this email. Let me know if this product is the one for you!

[phone number]


Hi [Customer],

I loved your post on [topic]. I’ve started buying [product] and I already love it!

I was wondering if you’ve ever looked at anything like [our product]? We have a line of [products] that seem just about perfect for you and your company.

Reply to this email if you are interested in a free sample. Head here to check out some of the customer reviews we’ve had for our product, I think you’ll be impressed!

All the best,
[phone number]


Hey [Customer],

I’m just emailing you to see if you’d be interested in checking out our new product. I saw that you feature a lot of content about [topic], and I think you and your readers would love ours.

We [brief description of what our brand does].

Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more about it. I’d be more than happy to send a sample for your as well.

Talk to you soon.
[phone number]


Dear [Customer],

I’m the owner of [our brand]. We have the perfect product that can help you. [their brand] solve [pain point], [pain point], and [pain point].

If you’re interested in acquiring [product], please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
[phone number]

When it comes to connecting with people in real-life situations like sales networking parties or professional events for salespeople and marketers, having a concise version of your sales pitch is essential. Dive into our comprehensive guide to elevator pitches and explore top-notch elevator pitch examples to level up your pitch game!

When you’re next sending a sales pitch, make sure you do it the NetHunt way.

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