Crème de la crème of sales and marketing events to visit this year.

If there’s one thing every salesperson agrees on regarding good ‘ol ‘23, it's that the year was tough. Still, we persevered through all the challenges and now welcome 2024 with higher hopes. However, staying on top of your game isn’t a simple process and requires some serious effort.

A part of that effort is going to conferences, which help you network and find new customers. With so many conferences, you may wonder: “Which one do I attend?”. Lucky for you, you have us and our annual list of the best-of-the-best sales and marketing conferences to attend this year.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what events you might want to visit in 2024…

Why is attending these events a good idea?

Attending conferences brings many benefits to you as a salesperson. The only notable drawbacks are a heavy hit on your wallet.

However, the benefits are worth it. They are are:

  • Networking. Meeting other pros in your industry helps exchange knowledge and ideas. This, of course, improves your skills. If you’re ready to get social – conferences could become a coaching session on steroids for your sales sparks.
  • New leads. If you sell to B2B clients, a conference could become a goldmine for you if you’re good enough. After all, people don’t just go to these conferences to sell or get better at selling. Some companies attend to get stuff sold to them. This makes sales conferences the perfect opportunity to meet new clients.
  • Trends and insights. Sales conferences are where sales experts discuss trends, hacks and techniques still flying under the general public's radar. To upgrade your arsenal with cutting-edge sales strategies and advice, you must go straight to the source.

If you’re a sales professional, going to sales conferences is always a good idea. At the end of the day, you’ll come out of that conference doing what you do at an even better level. If you’re lucky, you might also make a few sales while you’re at it.

Must-attend sales and marketing events in 2023

We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting any longer, so here are NetHunt's conference recommendations for this year.

If you think we missed an event in this list, be sure to let us know on LinkedIn.

MWC Barcelona

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: MWC Barcelona

📅 February 26-29, 2024
📍 Barcelona, Spain

MWC Barcelona is one of the most significant event in the tech connectivity ecosystem. Every year it brings thought leaders, innovators, and tech vendors from all over the world together to move technology forward.

Plus, MWC presents itself as a networking event. It’s an excellent opportunity to find partners and clients to help build the technology of the future together.

MWC Barcelona will host speakers such as Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO at Accenture, and Michael Dell, the chairman of Dell Technologies.

On this year's agenda for MWC, you can attend talks on topics such as…

  • Is generative AI overrated?
  • Is the metaverse dead?
  • What’s the next big thing after AI?
  • How to be more sustainable with your practices?

And more! This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come!

To participate, book your ticket on the MWC Barcelona website.

Business of Software

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: Business of Software

📅 March 25-26, 2024
📍 Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

The Business of Software Conference is a two-day in-person event that attracts leaders, C-level managers, and other industry leaders in the SaaS field.

This event prides itself on bringing together experts and working professionals from the SaaS field who are eager to learn and share their knowledge with others.

The speakers and agenda for this event haven’t been released when writing this article, but they should be available in the coming months.

To participate: Book tickets on the BoS conference website.

Lead Generation World London

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: Lead Generation World London

📅 Dates to be announced
📍 London, UK (exact location to be announced)

Lead Generation World London (LGWL) is the place for lead generation managers, performance marketers, and service providers striving to boost lead generation campaigns. The event’s  primary focus is to facilitate knowledge exchange between the brightest minds in lead generation and performance marketing to help build a better lead generation ecosystem worldwide.

LGWL covers the A to Z of everything lead generation and performance marketing, so if you’re looking to boost conversions, you’d be going to the right place.

This year’s agenda for the London conference hasn’t been announced yet but should be within the coming months.

To participate: Book your tickets on LGWL’s website.

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

📅 May 21–22, 2024
📍 Las Vegas, USA

The sales industry is fast-paced, as constant skill development and strategy revisions are a must-do for any CSO looking to bring revenue to the company. The Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2024 brings together CSOs to solve existing challenges and innovate industries.

The topics of discussion this year are:

  • Account Retention and Expansion
  • Buyer Insight and Experience
  • Revenue Technology

And more! The full agenda hasn’t been published yet. However, the speakers for this event include pros from Gartner, such as:

  • Alyssa Cruz, Senior Principal Analyst
  • Simon Escobar, Director Analyst
  • Robert Lesser, Senior Director Analyst
  • Elizabeth Jones, Associate Director

To participate: Register on Gartner’s website.

Sales Enablement Summit

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: Sales Enablement Summit

📅 May 22-23, 2024
📍 Austin, Texas, USA

The Sales Enablement Summit is one of the largest sales enablement conferences in the world. It brings together hundreds of sales professionals to exchange experience. The idea is to solve the industry's significant challenges and further develop the sales world.

Although the agenda for this event has yet to be made available, the speakers will surely provide you with industry-moving knowledge. These speakers are:

  • Crispin Thompson, VP, Sales Enablement & Customer Engagement at QSC
  • Debbi Varela, Head of Global Sales Enablement at Rackspace Technologies
  • Brint Driggs, Senior Director, Training & Enablement at Everest Group
  • Chelsey Groh, Director, Sales Enablement & Training at Motus

And more!

To participate: Register on the sales enablement collective website.

Dublin Tech Summit

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: Dublin Tech Summit

📅 May 29–30, 2024
📍 RDS, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is a two-day conference forthe world’s industry-leading tech companies. DTS is one of the world's fastest-growing conferences for B2B tech. Not only is DTS a great place to connect with like-minded industry professionals, but it is also an event that promises to teach you how to work smarter rather than harder.

DTS will feature talks on topics such as:

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability
  • Legal tech

And more!

To participate: Book your tickets on the DTS website.

Digital Marketing World Forum Global

Marketing event worth visiting in 2024: Digital Marketing World Forum Global

📅 June 25–26, 2024
📍 London, UK

The Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWFG) seeks to tackle the challenges of the digital marketing world by…

  • Exploring top-level strategic content and digital marketing insights,
  • Networking,
  • Discussions from leading global brands.

DMWFG will look at the trends and strategies of topics like:

  • The power of automation and personalization
  • Meeting and defying consumer expectations in 2024 and the future – recent trends and predictions
  • Tactics and strategies employed across different markets to improve customer experience and engagement

To participate: Register for the event at the DMWFG website.

Growth Marketing Summit

Marketing event worth visiting in 2024: Growth Marketing Summit

📅 June 19, 2024
📍 Alte Oper — Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Growth Marketing Summit is one of Europe’s leading digital growth and innovation events. The summit is famous for  being an environment that stimulates a data-driven, customer-oriented approach to sustainability in growth marketing.

Speakers at this conference are:

  • Lukas Vermeer, Director of Experimentation at Vista
  • Michael Aagaard, Top Rated Keynote Speaker
  • Erin Weigel, Senior Product Design Manager at Deliveroo
  • Sean Ellis, Founder of GrowthHackers

The talks at this conference will focus on digital growth, with captivating talks all over the agenda. Some that we’d like to highlight are:

  • How disappointment affects your users, why it's terrible for your business & what you can do about it.
  • Myths that ruin your ROI and how to avoid them.
  • Humanising customer experiences — things to avoid and how to look at the correct data.

To participate: Book your ticket at the Growth Marketing Summit website.


Marketing event worth visiting in 2024: Techspo 

📅 August 29–30, 2024
📍 London, UK

Techspo is a technology expo that is really easy to attend as long as you can get to the UK, considering it was traditionally held at a hotel connected to Heathrow Airport.

Techspo brings together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, and innovators worldwide.

The agenda and speakers list for this event have yet to be available as of the time of writing this list, as the event is still months away.

To participate: Book your tickets on the Techspo website.

Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference

Marketing event worth visiting in 2024: DMEXCO

📅 September 18-19, 2024
📍 Cologne, Germany

The Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (DMEXCO) is one of Europe’s leading digital marketing conferences. This event aims to bring together key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation.

DMEXCO provides attendees with a whole ecosystem that’s filled with expositions, pioneering keynotes, debates, and informational masterclasses outlining the future of the digital economy and driving market value.

Although the agenda and speakers for this event are not yet known, some of the exhibitors for this year’s conference are:

  • DHL
  • HubSpot
  • Shopify
  • Snap Inc.
  • And more!

If this sounds like your tea, you can follow the event through their social media or by downloading their app.

To participate: Book your tickers on the DMEXCO website.


Sales event worth visiting in 2024: SaaStock

📅 October 14-16, 2024
📍 Dublin, Ireland

If you’re a salesperson in SaaS , SaaStock is the conference for you.

The conference boasts 68% of its attendees being in leadership positions. With 100+ hours of networking opportunities, you can have back-to-back meaningful conversations with SaaS founders — aka your future customers.

The speakers at this conference are all industry-leading trendsetters in the field of SaaS, striving to deliver actionable information and workshops to help you become the next industry disruptor.

As SaaStock is happening later this year, the agenda and list of speakers are as yet unknown.

You’ll have to check their website later to see whether it’s been updated. If SaaStock 2024 is anything to go by, you don’t want to miss it.

To participate: buy tickets on the SaaStock website.

Web Summit

Sales and marketing event worth visiting in 2024: Web Summit

📅 November 11–14, 2024
📍 Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit is a conference for people looking to help nurture ideas that will redefine the tech industry. Politico has called this conference “the world’s premier tech conference” and “where the future will be born”.

At a time of global turmoil, the Web Summit is the place to go if you want to figure out what’s next for the tech world.

Some previous speakers at this event include:

  • Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO at Monte Carlo
  • Toto Wolff, Billionaire investor
  • Lisa Jackson, Vice president of environment at Apple
  • Noam Chomsky, political author

The agenda is not yet available since this event will be held later in the year.

To participate: Book your tickets on the Web Summit’s website.

Sales Innovation Expo

Sales event worth visiting in 2024: Sales Innovation Expo

📅 November 27-28, 2024
📍 London, UK

Sales Innovation Expo's mission is to deliver innovation and inspiration to sales professionals. This event is packed with expert speakers, industry-leading exhibitors, and live demos, leaving you buzzing with ideas to return to your business.

The Sales Innovation Expo also provides incredible networking opportunities, facilitating the perfect environment to meet other sales-minded colleagues from your industry.

This event features sessions on everything from sales engagement, enablement, and intelligence to leadership and sales techniques, as well as chances to experience some truly cutting-edge technology first-hand.

To participate: Register on the Sales Innovation Expo’s website.


Sales and marketing event worth visiting in 2024: Dreamforce

📅 September 17-19, 2024
📍 San Francisco, USA

Dreamforce, the flagship event of Salesforce, is an unmissable occasion in the tech world, especially for those involved in sales and marketing. Set to take place in San Francisco, this conference offers an online streaming option on Salesforce+.

Renowned for being one of the largest tech conferences globally, Dreamforce annually attracts thousands of professionals, transforming San Francisco into a learning and networking hub. The event spans multiple days, offering a comprehensive experience that encompasses a wide range of activities and opportunities.

The agenda details and speakers list are typically announced closer to the event date.

To participate: Save the dates on the Salesforce website to be notified once more information becomes available.

Forrester B2B Summit North America

Sales and marketing event worth visiting in 2024: Forrester B2B Summit North America

📅 May 5-8, 2024
📍 Austin, USA and Online

The Forrester B2B Summit North America is an event for B2B marketing, sales, and product leadership professionals. Scheduled for May 5th to 8th in Austin, this summit also offers a digital participation option, catering to a broad audience.

2024's theme, "Align. Reinvent. Win.", reflects the challenges and opportunities of the current business landscape, particularly in economic uncertainty and the rise of generative AI. It emphasizes the need for B2B firms to adapt and innovate in their strategies, technologies, and operations.

The summit promises to be a comprehensive learning experience, focusing on understanding evolving customer and buyer expectations, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z. It aims to provide insights on creating unique customer experiences, strategies for alignment within organizations, and leveraging data, technology, and AI for competitive advantage. The event is also an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about evolving go-to-market strategies and revenue processes.

To participate: Visit the Forrester B2B Summit's website.

Inbound ‘24

Sales and marketing event worth visiting in 2024: INBOUND

📅 September 18-20, 2024
📍 Boston, MA, USA

INBOUND, hosted by HubSpot, is a conference with a mission. The mission — spark creativity, innovation, and cultural expansion in the marketing and sales sector. Careers are propelled, businesses scale to new heights, and communities are reshaped for the better.

This conference offers a unique blend of workshop sessions, networking activities, and actionable learning experiences. It’s nothing short of an essential stop for professionals.

To participate: Keep your eyes peeled and focused on the Inbound 2024 website to be the first to get notified once it goes live.

The bottom line

The sales and marketing landscape will continue to evolve in 2024. There are multiple new challenges and opportunities. Attending these top-tier events is a chance to stay current and a platform to propel your career and business forward.

Each event offers unique insights, networking opportunities, and industry trends.
Whether you're seeking to enhance your skills, expand your network, or discover the next big thing in tech, attending such events is invaluable. Stay informed, stay ahead, and make 2024 your year, for real this time.

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