There are numerous ways to increase your sales team’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. One of them is a powerful CRM.

If you have recently implemented a cutting-edge CRM system, you may have already felt how it positively impacts the workflow, tasks management, the identification of issues, etc. Besides, you may want to bind your Chrome Browser to the CRM. This would not only ensure convenience but also automate routine tasks, providing an opportunity to concentrate on critical business operations and reduce the workload of your team. Along with that, it could help to find more ways to improve customer experience and attract more business partners.

But how can you set up your CRM for Chrome Browser with no hassle? Let’s take a look at four tried and tested methods to make your browser CRM-friendly.

4 Methods of Integrating Your CRM and Chrome Browser

There is a handful of resources that will give you a lot of overwhelming information about this topic. To make it easier, we have created a little guide for you.

Install software that can be integrated into Chrome effortlessly

First and foremost, even before you opt for a certain CRM, pick a product that will be easy to connect to your browser. It will save you both time and money.

What features should a CRM app have?

There are several things you need to pay attention to:

1. Price

The prices may vary depending on the CRM’s functionality and its reputation in the global market. But it is far from the whole list of factors that may cause a price increase. There are solutions where you pay for each new user, the number of contacts, data storage and backup, etc. So analyze your current priorities and plans for the future before defining how much you are ready to invest in a CRM tool.

At the same time, avoid unreasonably cheap tools. By trying to save money on a CRM app, you may sacrifice the quality.

2. Intuitiveness

A nice design is important; an intuitive design is crucial. Thus, check if the solution you are going to opt for is really easy to use. The sooner your staff learns how to work with it, the better. The set up and UI/UX should be simple.

3. Integrations

Now, proceed with studying the integration and synchronization features. The top priority is seamless integration with Gmail and Chrome extensions. If the product description contains no information about these features, reach out to a customer support specialist to get the answers to your questions.

4. Workflow management

Have a glance at the pipeline: is it clear how the processes flow? Is it easy to manage them? Are there ways to optimize them? There is a possibility the CRM of your choice has a video presentation that will show you what the workflow management looks like.

5. Contact management

Working with a CRM, you expect your contacts to be stored in one place. If you integrate your CRM with a browser, the information about your emails, chats and the online conferences you have participated in should be stored in the same place. So try to find out more about the contact management functionality of your CRM.

6. Analytics features

A CRM app should be able to help you with analytics and forecasts, too. A Chrome browser CRM that allows tracking employees’ activity, as well as conversion and sales metrics, will be a great help for your business.

7. Customer service

There will definitely be questions. So make sure your preferred solution has a powerful support team behind it. Take a look at the reviews and make sure that their online communication is flawless.

What CRM app to choose?

We have analyzed the existing solutions, and here are the CRM apps we are ready to recommend:

Zoho CRM

High rating, affordable price, great customer support – all these factors meet in the Zoho product. With almost 45 million users, it keeps reaching new heights and provides advanced solutions for improving customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Base CRM

The company has been providing tools for sales acceleration for over 10 years. Although you won’t get 24/7 support here, the service is still worth checking out.


This app helps hundreds of thousands of users worldwide sell more. With its help, you can eliminate routine tasks, manage data and pipelines, get the information on email performance, etc.

NetHunt CRM

This is another great product that integrates with Gmail in the blink of an eye! You get all the essential information in one place, right next to your emails.

You can easily integrate these tools with your Chrome browser without asking for any external help.

Use a perfect extension

If the CRM solution you are interested in isn’t listed above, you can find a Chrome CRM extension to make it work great in your browser. The installation of an extension takes just a few minutes and saves you from possible issues in the future. You can find all the available options in Chrome Webstore.

There is a couple of solutions we find interesting:

Keep in mind that none of them work on Android yet, and only a few of them work with Google Drive.

Ask for vendor’s recommendations

The list of Chrome CRM plugins is rather limited, and it is quite possible that you haven’t found a suitable tool in Chrome Webstore. In this case, it is time to reach out to your preferred CRM vendor and find out what they can offer. Some CRM development companies have their own solutions, while others may offer a custom extension development.

Order custom software

It is possible that none of the CRM extensions you have found matches your specific needs. It is quite possible there is no extension that will make your CRM and Chrome Browser work together for your business growth. Each business is unique, and a one-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. In this case, you need to write down a list of your requirements and start acting.

Nowadays, there are many software development companies, agencies or independent specialists who can develop a special solution for you. The prices and the level of services provided may vary. Yet, you still have a wide choice.

In-house team

In this case, you need to hire an entire team of several engineers to develop a unique product. This is the most expensive and time-consuming option.

Freelance specialist

Special platforms like Upwork let you find a developer who can deliver a CRM Gmail extension for Google Chrome browser.

But it is quite risky due to several factors:

  • a freelance developer may take 50% of payment in advance and disappear;
  • the development process may take a lot longer than was planned;
  • the delivered product may not be of high quality.

Outsourcing company

This method of cooperation is faster and cheaper than in-house development. Additionally, it is much safer for your business. Using the outsourcing model, you build a partnership with a remote contractor (in this case, a development company), discuss all the requirements and details beforehand, sign a contract with a precise deadline and NDA, and wait for the product to be delivered. If you want management to stay on your side, this way you may also hire nearshore or offshore development teams consisting of just dedicated developers.

In conclusion

With this article, you get one step closer to the leading position in the local market. We have described the simplest methods of improving your business. This is how you get a chance to optimize and automate your processes effortlessly.

Choose a suitable method of making your Chrome CRM-friendly and watch your revenue grow!

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